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    Конспект открытого урока по теме "Какие новости?" (8 класс)
    план-конспект урока по английскому языку (8 класс) по теме

    Маркина Татьяна Николаевна


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    Предварительный просмотр:

    тема:  WHAT IS THE NEWS?

    ЗАДАЧИ: Ознакомить учащичся с видами газет в Британии.

    Научить классифицировать британские газеты на " tabloids" и " bro

    adsheets" по их содержанию и оформлению.

    Развивать у учащихся навыки чтения газетного текста с общим

    пониманием содержания прочитанного.

    Развивать у учащихся навыки монологических высказываний по

    прочитанному с использованием газетной лексики.

    Развивать навыки дискуссии по проблеме, содержащейся в тексте.



    Good morning girls and boys.I am glad to see you, sit down please. We are going to have an unusual lesson because a lot of guests are present ar our lesson today.Don't worry , don't be afraid to speak, be active and everything will be O'K.

    At our lesson today we'll work with newspapers, British newspapers.We'11 speak about different types of British nespapers, about structure of newspapers and of course we'll read an article, speak on this article and discuss the problem in it.Let's start to work.


    At first please answer some questions. 1 .Do people in Russia read newspapers? 2.How often do they read newspapers? 3 Why do people in Russia read newspapers? 4.Do you enjoy reading nespapers? 5What is your favourite newspaper and why? I pay your attention to the fact that the headlines of nespapers are not translated into other languages.



    1 .Today at the lesson we'll work with British newspapers.The buy more newspapers than people in most other western countries.Papers apeal to people with varying interests and tastes.Newspapers in Great Britain are of two main types :quality ( broadsheet) papers and tabloid (poular) papers. They are different in

    their structure and content. The quality papers produce serious quality journalism while the tabloids have a more sensational reporting style.

    2.1) Please look at your sheets of paper with the facts which are

    typical of British newspapers. Let's read the task in ex.1. Is the task

    clear? Please read the example.

    1. On the basis of the facts below say what is typical of each of these newspapers.

    e.g. Quality papers report in detail on serious news. Tabloids compress the news.

    contain political, industrial and cultural news

    devote pages to finance matters and business

    compress news

    contain sensational stories

    use large headlines and photographs

    have more writing than pictures

    report in detail on serious news

    have less to say and more to show in pictures

    are ( not) interested in foreign news

    have detailed articles about less important events

    have short articles about the private lives of famous people

    give information about films , concerts

    devote large sections to business and sports

    cover national and international news

    have a more sensational reporting style

    report the latest scandal or gossip in the private lives of

    famous people

    provide readers with articles about theatre and cinema


    2) How do you think which papers are more popular - broadsheets or tabloids and why?

    3.Now, please look at the blackboard. Here you can see the headlines of the main newspapers in Britain. Repeat them after me.

    The "Times", " Daily Mail", "Daily Express", the " Guardian", "Today", the "Independent", "Daily Sport", "Morning Star", "Daily Telegraph", the "Sun", "Daily Star", "Financial Times", "Daily Mirror"

    Now, please, read the headlines yourselves.

    r4.1 have some British newspapers for you. Please, look at the headlines, at the front pages and at their content and guess the type of a nespaper and say why you think so.

    5. Listen to the talk about Britain's main newspapers. Check if you were right and classify them "tabloid" or "quality".


    1 .At our lesson today will work with the tabloid newspaper "Daily Mirror". It is a tabloid newspaper. Among all the things we have already mentioned about tabloids this newspaper contains "body talk" page.I suggest you to work with the article at this page. But before reading the article I want you to remember some phrases which will help you to speak on this article and to discuss the problem in it.

    Please take these phrases, read them in Russian and translate them in English: *эта статья содержит информацию о...

    1. статья охватывает большую информацию о...
    2. автор посвящает свою статью проблеме... *эта статья посвящена проблеме...

    *эта статья имеет большой заголовок и фотографии *эта статья имеет подробную информацию о...

    1. автор статьи даёт информацию о...
    2. заголовок статьи даёт идею о главной проблеме в статье
    3. автор статьи предостовляет читателям информацию о...
    4. согласно статьи...
    1. автор статьи обращает внимание на...
    2. автор статьи говорит что...
    3. автор статьи анализирует результаты исследования
    4. автор статьи сообщает в подробностях о... *эта статья о...
    5. автор статьи комментирует о...
    6. автор статьи говорит о...
    7. автор статьи предлагает...

    *эта статья состоит из нескольких частей

    2.Let's get down to the article.Please look at the headline of the article.Let's read it.Answer the questions - Does the headline of the article give the idea of the main problem of the article? What is the main idea of this article?

    3.As you can see the article consists of small parts.I suggest you to work in pairs and read this article by parts. So your task is to read your part of the article and in 3-4 sentances speak on the main information in it using the phrases which can help you to speak on the article.

    4. Pleas look at the headline of the article.Let's read it and translate. Does the headline of the article give the idea of the main problem in it? What is the main problem of the article? O'K let's read the article by parts and then we'll discuss the main problem in this article. So your task is to read a small part of the article and speak about the most important points in it.

    The pupils' answers


    The article is about bad habit, smoking. Те author says that tobacco kills 114.000 people every year in the UK. Tobacco raise the risk of cancer, heart disease, stroke, lung disease, tooth losing. The author gives damage limitation. According to the research citrus fruit and vitamin С reduce cancer risk. The author of the article saya that 30 minutes of brisk exercise a day improve heart functions.


    The author of the article speaks about the damage of the alcohol. He says that alcohol can lead to severe and often fatal illnesses including cancer, liver problems and heart disease. The author analyses the results of research. In 2001 nearly 6.000 Britons were directly killed by alcohol. Alcohol depletes the body's stores of vitamines and minerals. The author says that it can take up to three days for the body to get back to normal after a day of drinking.


    This article tells about the damage of eating fast food. The author of the article says that aeting fast food increases the risk of heart disease, obesity and diabetes. Studies show that it takes years to get back to normal after long-term, regular take-away aeting. Whole grains, vegetables, lean meat, fruit, vitamin E and С reduce the risk of heart disease.


    This article is devoted to the problem of sun worshipping. Sunbathing and using sunbeds can lead to severe skin damage and skin cancer. Experts advise using sunscreen-at least SPF-15 daily especially in summer, as well as wearing hats and long sleeves and staing indoors as much as possible berween 10 a.m. and 4 p.m.


    The author devotes his article to the problem of overdoing the caffeine. He says that caffeine in coffee, tea or colas can be addictive and can lead to sleeping difficulties, nervousness and stress and weekened bones. So the author advises to cut down to a couple of cup a day and take milk in coffe.


    The article gives information abuot the damage of listening to loud music.The author says that frequent loud noise-from clubs, concerts, personal stereos or machinery- can destroy hearing. Hearing less can

    be so gradual that you don't notice it.The author suggests to stand away from speakers, take breaks from loud music, use ear- plugs when it's loud and listen to the personal stereo at alow volume. WEARING HIGH HEELS

    The article contains information about the damage of wearing high heels. High heels forse the leg, ankle and foot into unnatural positions, straining the muscles and tendons. The author says that this can lead to posture and back problems. The author gives damage limitation. He advises not to wear heels higher than 4 cm all the time, spend plenty of time walking barefoot at home and wear suppotive flat shoes when walking lots.

    4. O'K, good.Now please look through the article, think a little and try to give a short summary of the whole article.

    A short summary of the article

    The article....has alarge headline and photographs. The article covers much information about bad habits. The author of the article provides readers with detailed information about the damade of smoking, drinking alcohol, eating fest food and other bad habits. The artikle also reports on how to give the body the chance to recover or prevent more damage.


    l.Now let's discuss the problem in the article- the problem of bad habits. Let's name all bad habits mentioned in the article once more. Do you know other bad habits? What are they?

    The pupils' answers

    I think that sleeping long time/ eating before going to bed/ dieting / reading in darkness / reading when you eat / watcing too much TV / eating much sweet / eating at darkness etc.is a bad habit.

    1. So there are a lot of bad habits people have not only in Great Britain but in many other countries and olso in Russia. But are they really bad habits? People's attitude towards bad habits are different. Some people are for bad habits , others are against bad habits. I want to devide you into two groups. Imagine that the first group is for bad habits, the second group is against bad habits. Try to convince your opponents in your opinion.
    2. What is your own attitude towards bad habits?
    3. Now I see that all of you have bad habits and your attitude towards them are different. But whatever your attitude are they are really bad habits because they damage our health. Do you care about your health? Now let's think a little and say what shoud we do to be healthy.

    The pupils' answers

    We should ( not) eat more fruit and vegetables / eat fruit and vegetables every day / go in for sport / spend much time outdoors / take vitamines and minerals / sleep 7-8 hours / get up early in the morning / do morning exercises every day / have healthy diet / clean teath and wash up /take tablets and medicine etc.

    5. Well done. Our lesson is coming to the end. Today at the lesson we learned about types of British newspapers and their content. We learned how to work with newspaper and the article in it. And we discussed the main problem in the article- the problem of bad habits.Yuor hometask will be to answer the questionaire to learn if your diet is healthy and balanced. You worked well and active at the lesson and I am going to give you the following marks...

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