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    Олимпиадные задания (школьный этап) - 10, 11 классы
    олимпиадные задания по английскому языку на тему

    Касьянова Наталья Петровна

    Образцы олимпиадных заданий для школьного этапа олимпиады по английскому языку (10-11 классы)


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                                      ENGLISH OLIMPIAD

                                                            10th  form


                                               Part I.     Reading

    Read this newspaper article about our changing world. Match the sentence beginnings 1-6 with the endings a-g  so  they express the main ideas in the text. Write the numbers before the endings. There is one ending you won’t need.

                                       The Rise Of The Machine

               Cars have given us freedom. We can go wherever we want to go, whenever we want to go. They have also given us independence. We don’t have to compromise or consider where other people wish to travel. Cars provide us with a personalized, door-or-door transport solution that’s always available. But they also change the world we live in.

               If you had to consider the impact of cars on your town, first of all you would probably think of traffic jams & the difficulty of getting about in a car in the rush hour. Or maybe you would  think of pollution, & how the toxic fumes erode the facades of buildings along busy thoroughfares. But there is much bigger change we almost never think about. Cars change the face of the towns themselves.

               As people buy more & more cars, roads keep getting widened to accommodate the increasing volume of traffic. They encroach upon formerly green spaces: lawns, flowerbeds, or trees that used to line the roads. They expand until the pavements become a thin strip along the foot of the buildings, further narrowed by the parked cars that invade the last remaining inches of pedestrian space.

              We all enjoy the facilities that shopping malls, multiplex cinemas & enormous entertainment complexes bring – because we can use our cars to get to them. They are efficient, convenient, & fast. At the same time, we are saddened by the loss of our local groceries, our beautiful Art Deco picture-houses & the friendly neighbourhood community centres. What we must also realize is that these changes go hand in hand, & we are to blame.

               Preferring our freedom to sharing transport with others, we get into our cars to get to our workplaces, to do our shopping, to go out to the theatre, & many would even drive to go for a walk in the fields. And wherever we drive to, we have to park, too. Parking spaces are huge areas of land used up by empty cars waiting for hours on end for their passengers to return. What used to be a vast grassy meadow now becomes a small muddy field (criss-crossed by the tyre-tracks of vehicles that use the field to take a shortcut out of the parking  lot) fringed by a square of concrete & tar. And what cars have changed will never be like it used to be, ever again.

    Among the effects of using cars, we usually

    The reason we find shopping & entertainment centres convenient is that we can

    Older shops & services in towns

    Cars have enabled us to

    Even outside the cities, green spaces are beginning to

    Streets in our towns

    ___ a    drive to them.

    ___ b    change to provide more room for motor vehicles.

    ___ c    close down because the new facilities take their place.

    ___ d    travel freely & independently of others where we like.

    ___ e    realize that the effects of increasing car ownership are irreversible.

    ___ f    regard traffic congestion as the most important.

    ___ g    he replaced by parking lots for cars.


                                      Part II.    Use of English

                                                     Task  1

    For questions 1-15, read the text below & decide which answers A,B,C or D best fits each space.


                                         Police Seek Robbery Link

    A woman aged 68 suffered broken ribs in an attack by an armed robber in her penthouse in Kensington, London, police said yesterday. Police are (1)… at other robberies to see if they are linked after Rachael Avitan was (2) … at her home in Oxford Square. Wrs Avitan, the wife of an millionaire shipowner, was (3) … to poen a safe before she was locked in the bathroom with the 24-year-old maid.

    The robber escaped with jewellery, (4) …coins & cash. Police said the objects & money (5) … in the raid were worth about 30 000 pounds. They ruled out the (6) … that the raid was by a gang which (7) … its victims from Who’s Who ( a reference guide containing information (8) … important people), though Scotland Yard said it was possible a (9) … of robbers were targeting wealthy families living in Kensington, Belgravia & Chelsea. A (10) … for Scotland Yard said there may have been only one man behind the latest (11) … but it is not clear if it was one of a (12) … .  Mrs Avitan  has been allowed to leave hospital but is still having treatment for her (13) … .  She said the robber broke in through the back door as her maid was letting herself out to go home. The man (14) … the maid & pulled her back into the house. He told Mrs Avitan she wouldn’t get hurt if she (15) … over her valuables. “It was terribly scary”, sad Mrs Avitan.

    1.   A searching                B examining                 C looking                          D inquiring

    2.   A kidnapped              B stolen                        C attacked                         D mugged

    3.   A forced                    B pushed                       C attacked                         D threatened

    4.   A worthy                   B costly                         C expensive                      D valuable

    5.   A escaping                 B robbed                       C missing                          D taken

    6.   A belief                      B chance                       C possibility                     D probability

    7.   A picks                      B spots                          C discovers                       D checks

    8.   A for                          B about                         C around                           D upon

    9.   A pack                       B party                          C pair                                D team

    10. A spokesperson         B speaker                       C commentator                 D presenter

    11. A event                      B attack                         C fact                                D robber

    12. A collection               B team                           C serial                              D series

    13. A pain                        B aches                          C wounds                         D injuries

    14. A took                       B grabbed                      C hugged                           D squeezed

    15. A gave                       B handed                       C took                               D got

                                                        Task 2

    For questions 16-30, read the text below & look carefully at each line. If the line is correct, put a tick (v). If a line has a word which should not be there , write this word.

    16. ___________ The stadium is only a few minutes away from where I live so I usually

    17. ___________ go to matches on the foot. I put on my team’s colours and set off with a

    18.____________couple of friends from work. I always feel a sense of excitement as I turn

    19.____________to the corner and the tall floodlights come into view at the top of the main

    20.____________stand of the stadium. By the time we will get to the stadium, there are big

    21. ___________enough crowds, all heading in the same direction. As soon as we get

    22.____________inside, the chanting begins and the suspense builds up. I have been to a lot

    23.____________of games which were utterly boring: the weather was such cold & drizzly

    24.____________and the game finished in a goal-less draw. After going games like that, some

    25.____________fans express their disappointment through acts of violence but I just look ahead

    26.____________to the next game. Violence on and off of the pitch is the biggest problem in

    27.____________football, but the vehaviour of some of the stars also gives the game a bad name.

    28.____________If we take Maradona of Argentina: he was, as everyone knows it, a great

    29.____________player but got involved with drugs and was excluded from the 1994 World

    30.____________Cup after he failing a drugs test.

                                                       Task 3  

    For questions 31-40, read the text below. Use the word given in capitals at the end of each line to form a word that fits in the space in the same line.

    A British man was convicted & sentenced to twenty years’

    (31) … yesterday after a court in the northern city of                 PRISON     31________________

    Moyale in Kenya found him (32) … of trying to                         GUILT       32________________

    smuggle irory tusks into Kenya.

    David Murray, who is (33) …and a father of a young boy,        EMPLOY   33________________

    was arrested last September on the Kenyan-Ethiopian border

    after special police investigators discovered the tusks in his

    car. A court spokesman said that Murray, a (34) … of                RESIDE    34________________

    Manchester in England, told the court that he had been hired

    To deliver the car from England to a (35) … in Ethiopia.           DESTINY  35________________

    He said he had accepted the job because he (36) …                    DESPERATE 36______________

    needed the money. Once in Ethiopia, his (37) … asked              EMPLOY   37________________

    him to take the car to Kenya. Murray was not given an

    (38) … for this change of plan, but he didn’t it anyway.            EXPLAIN   38________________

    Murray’s (39) … managed to persuade the court to                   LAW           39________________

    give him the reduced sentence of twenty years because he

    has not been involved in a (40)… activity before.                      CRIME       40________________

                                               Part III.     WRITING


    Think back to a novel that you’ve recently read. Write an essay in 200-250 words, discussing the following points:

    Describe the main conflict in the plot

    How do the protagonists try to resolve the key conflict?

    What obstacles do they have to overcome? How successful are they?

    Who is the chief protagonist? What is his/ her main ambition?

    How is the protagonist’s ambition connected to the main conflict?

                                               Part IV.     SPEAKING

    1.Read the following statement. What do you think? Prepare arguments& counter arguments to support your opinion.

    Some people believe that modern lifestyle is very unhealthy. However, we tend to live longer than 100 years ago

     2.You have been asked to give a presentation about the role of science & technology in today’s society. Decide how you will address the following:

    - science & life in the home                                -

    - technology & the workplace                            

    -education for science & technology

    -predictions for the future

    English Olympiad – 10th form (ключи)

    Part I (Reading)







    Part II (Use of English)

    Task 1
















    Task 2

     16 -

     17-  the

     18 -

     19 - to


     21 - enough

     22 -

     23 - such

     24 - going

     25 -

     26 - of

     27 -

            28 - it

            29 –

            30 - he

    Task 3

    31 – imprisonment

    32 – guilty

    33 – unemployed

    34 – resident

    35 – destination

    36 – desperately

    37 – employers

    38 – explanation

    39 – lawyer

    40 – criminal


                                                    ENGLISH OLIMPIAD

                                                             11th form


    Task 1.    Прочитайте текст и заполните пропуски 1-6 частями предложений , обозначенными буквами  A-G. Одна из частей  в списке – лишняя. Занесите букву, обозначающую соответствующую часть предложения , в таблицу

    The church is vast, its pillars are powerful. With а high vault and stain glass windows it is harmony and proportions itself. The sculpture of the cathedral makes this impression even stronger. You feel that stone and wood are only a   А1___.

    We are certain that in 1160 the construction started. The work was conducted at а remarkable speed which only exceptional financial means can explain. The antique cathedral that had been built on the land was destroyed. The foundations of the facade were begun around 1200 with the two towers   А 2____.

    Since then on Notre Dame hаs been the everlasting incarnation of the genius of the nation, of the people. It is also the symbol of the French history for it was the cathedral of the capital, and the kings used to come to it to hear the Те Deum after victories. For believers Notre Dame is the reliquary of the crown of thorns. The church is also famous for  А 3____ .

            The cathedral is famous for its school of musicians who during the Middle Ages built up а repertoire for the organ. The cathedral played an important role in the birth of polyphony. The choir school of the cathedral has been training children since the 14th century. Notre Dame houses two organs - one for the choir with 2000 pipes and the other,  А4____.

    Notre Dame is an example of Gothic architecture. Its facade is unusual in construction as it has two strong towers. In the middle of it the architect put the big rose of stain glass (9, 60 metres). The main idea of the architect was not to create a mystical twilight but to let in а such light as possible. Columns are the essential element of the  А5____.

    The cathedral is decorated with numerous columns and arches. There are also beautiful stain glass windows which represent many sacred figures - Our Lord, Our Lаdy and many others. Rich stone and wood  А 6____.

    А.        carrying the name of the Great Organ, got its nickname for its 8, 000 pipes.

    В.        carving astonishes the visitors.

    C.        building.

    D.        housing the richest organ in France.

    Е.        reminding an airplane by its lightness and grace.

    F.        being completed about fifty years after this date.

    G.        casing for light and spirit.







    TASK 2.  Прочитайте текст и выполните задания А1-5, обводя цифру 1,2,3 или 4, соответствующую номеру выбранного вами варианта ответа.

      When Louise Roberts was eighteen, she began tо fееl pain in her joints. Within six months, she was in so much pain that it was like walking on glass. Just pulling up a zip brought tears to her eyes. The worst thing was that she was too weak tо play the violin. She had been playing since the age of sеvеn and had planned to become а professional. Louise’s doctor told her she had arthritis, a condition which makes the joints become painful. Louise was forced to give up playing the violin to avoid damaging her joints, and given pain killer drugs, which she still takes.

                      А year after the diagnosis she went to university to do teacher training. It was uрsetting for Louise to listen to other students practicing their instruments, knowing she could not play her bеlоvеd violin. She begged her mother to sell it, but her mother would not.

                      Teacher training wаs tough. Standing for long periods made her knees and feet асhe, especially in cold weather. There were times when she felt she couldn’t cоре with it. Nevertheless she has now got a job in a primагу school teaching a class of five year olds. She also plays the piano in school hall. Her fingers are still stiff at that hour of the morning, and she misses lots of notes but the children don’t seem to mind.        

    After four years away from her violin Louise has just started teaching a ten-year-old boy to play. Before the arthritis started, she used tо play in a symphony orchestra, and she still dreams that one day she will perform on stage again.

    Louise’s condition hаs improved, partly because of the drugs, but also because, since visiting an allergy clinic, she has changed her diet completely. She hаs cut out all wheat, dairy products, beef and pork. Even so, her energy is limited and there are times when she is so tired that she has to stay in bed all weekend. She envies healthy people sometimes.        

    On the plus side however, she is more determined than most to get the best from life. She’s also been taking singing lessons, as arthritis doesn’t affect the voice, and as a result has achieved a higher standard in singing.


    When Louise tried to get dressed...        

              1. She could do it easily.        

              2. her mother had to help her.        

              З. it was so painful‚ that she was crying.        

              4. it was like walking on glass.


    Why did Louise want her mother to sell her violin?

              1. She needed the money. .

              2. She didn’t know how to play it

              3. She wanted to buy a better one.

              4. She was unable to play it.


    Why does Louise play the piano badly at school hall?        

            1.She can’t concentrate.        

         2. Her joints can’t move freely.        

         3. She hasn’t woken up yet.        

         4. She doesn’t care about it.        


    What is Louise’s strong desire?

    1. to learn to drive.
    2. to play music in public.
    3. to teach the violin.
    4. to act


    Louise occasionally wishes she was nоt disabled because

    1. she has to spend every weekend in bed  

    2. she doesn’t like staying in bed.

    З. she can’t eat cheese and yoghurt.

     4. she gets so tired.

    PART 2.   USE of ENGLISH

    TASK 3.   Прочитайте приведенный ниже текст. Преобразуйте слова, напечатанные  справа так, чтобы они  грамматически соответствовали  тексту.

    Maya Angelou is a famous African American author, play writer, director,

    performer, singer, and producer. She survived in a very poor and painful

    childhood to achieve success in all of these fields. She even had the distinction

    of __B1____by President Clinton to write and deliver a poem  at his                       invite

    first  inauguration Day ceremony. She was the __B2__  African American                one

    woman to have this honor. It was a difficult task for her to write a poem

    _____B3_________the millions of people.  Throughout her life, however,               touch

    she was willing to accept all challenges  as ___B4____ for personal growth             opportunity

    and change.  One of these challenges____B5______when she was fifteen.               occur

      At that time she decided to take some time off from school and get a job.

    She didn’t want any of the jobs  traditionally __B6__ by women. She longed             hold

    to be a conductor  on a San Francisco trolley car, but this was a difficult goal

    as African American women ___B7_____to work on the trolleys.                                permit

    TASK 4.   Прочитайте приведенный ниже текст. Преобразуйте слова, напечатанные  справа так, чтобы они  грамматически и лексически  соответствовали  тексту.

    India produces more films______B8______                                                            annual

    than any other country. The audience, despite the _____B9____                       spreading

    of televisions and videocassette recorders, is still ____B10_____.                      enormity

    Popular films are generally written to a formula and are often

    embellished  with songs and dance routines. Film themes _B11__                      variant

    from  historical and ___B12____ social: rich boy meets poor                               religion

    girl;  twins separated at birth become policeman and __B13__; boy                   crime

     sacrifices  his love for a girl to patriotic duty or to the ____B14____                  desirable

    of parents ,who wish him to marry another. Popular cinema___B158_              rare

    has  realistic settings or plots, and imitations of __B16 __films are common .   west

    Indian film is a __B17___cultural export to Central Asia, the Middle                significance

    East and,  Africa.

    PART 3 .   WRITING

    TASK 5.  

    Найдите   12 лексических и орфографических ошибок в следующем тексте. Внесите исправления в текст, подчеркнув место ошибки.

    “ There is too much advertising on TV these days”. Do you agree?

    Nowdays, if you watch a programme on a commercial TV station, you should expect to watch a large number of advertising to. It seems that television advertise is the price  we pay for free –to-air TV. But is the price higher than we realise? Not only  are constant advertisings annoying, but  they also mean that youths are been constantly  told to buy  things they dont need or eat things that aren’t healthy. It often seems as through children  are being specifically targeted by the commercial industry because  they make  there commercials very colorful and loud, and so even very young children are attracted to them. I think it is important to realize that TV’s are a very effective teaching tool and we should therefore take more  care with how this medium is used.

    TASK 6  .    

    “ It takes  more than good  qualifications to become a good teacher” . Write 200-250 words explaining this statement.

    KEYS:      Часть  I

     Задание 1    А1-А 6

    1 G

    2 F

    3 D

    4 A

    5 C


    Задание 2. А 7- А -11

    A7        4

    A8        4

    A9        2

    A10        2

    A11        4

    Часть II.

    Задание 3.     В 1- В 7       

     1 being invited  

    2  first  

    3  touching

     4   opportunities

     5  occurred

     6  held

     7  were not permitted

    Задание 4.  В 8-17   

    8.  annually  

     9. spread

     10.  enormous  

    11. vary  

    12. religious

     13.  criminal

    14.  desire

     15. rarely  

    16. western

     17.  Significant

    Часть III. 

    Задание 5.

    Nowdays,  ( nowadays)if you watch a programme on a commercial TV station, you should expect to watch a large number of advertising ( advertisements or commercials) to ( too). It seems that television advertise ( advertising) is the price  we pay for free –to-air TV. But is the price higher than we realise? Not only  are constant advertisings ( advertisements or commercials )annoying, but  they also mean that youths  ( young people)are been constantly  told to buy  things they dont  ( don’t)need or eat things that aren’t healthy. It often seems as through  ( though)children  are being specifically targeted by the commercial   ( advertising) industry because  they make  there  ( their) commercials very colorful ( colourful) and loud, and so even very young children are attracted to them. I think it is important to realize that TV’ (TVs) are a very effective teaching tool and we should therefore take more  care with how this medium is used.

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