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    My native village - Erik
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    Клеткина Ирина Анатольевна

    В данном материале на английском языке описывается история и современная жизнь села Ерик Белгородского района Белгородской области.


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    My favorite village Erik.


         Twelve kilometers north-west of Belgorod in a beautiful place, surrounded by forests, gardens, and a small stream, lies a village Erik.                             Encyclopedic facts suggest that "Erik is a narrow, deep channel that connects the small pond in the river valley." Erik is translated from the Belarusian language and means "hills, ditches." And so it is. In these hills for the last 50-60 years have grown huge forests Greater and Lesser Barhotova, Kochanova, housed and covered by orchards and suburban areas 127 garden cottage associations. There is the eastern side of federal highway Moscow-Krym.                                                    The first mention of the village dates from the late 19th century. In 1890, Erik was the hamlet of Belgorod district Shopino parish. Its population was 85 people. Mass settlement of the land around the village began just after Stolypin Decree, which gave farmers the right to withdraw from the community and securing land ownership.                                                                                                                              In the years of collectivization was founded farm "Red Warrior". The first chairman was Paul Komartsov.Most people worked on the farm, using horses and cows. Later, there were the first tractors, they employed women: Maria Syromyatnikova and Olga Kochanova.


    During the Great Patriotic War in Erik and other nearbouring villages and hamlets held the front line of defense of the Kursk Bulge, when enemy forces attacked from Tomarovka. When Belgorod was liberated, there also were strong fights.                                                                                                                                      In the mass grave, this is now a monument, located near the school, are the ashes of 747 fallen soldiers.  


      Each year, on the Day of Victory, the pupils organize the official meeting and they lay wreaths and flowers on the grave. At the village, on the northern slopes of hills to the south of the river take up position of Erik anti-tank ditch, which was dug at the site 1243rd Infantry Regiment, 520th Guards Rifle Division before the first defense line of the Kursk Bulge. It is the unique historical monument of national importance, protected by the state.                                                                           In 1943, after the expulsion from the territory German invaders, the village had 234 yard, 39 houses were destroyed.                                                                           Gradually the peaceful life of rural residents restored and everything came right. In 1952, in the village council worked a medical center, a shop, Readers room, two primary schools. My grandmother was the first librarian of the Readers room.                                                                                                                                    Now Erik is the village with the solid gardens and forests and Erik river below. Lively Valley promotes good growth of everything that is planted on the land. In the neighborhood the air is saturated with oxygen, it feels as easy to breathe. The evening and the morning air is filled with blessed iridescent singing birds (cuckoos, nightingales, titmouse, orioles, and others).                                                         Erik is a real paradise. I like my village.    

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