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    Сценарий заседания клуба любителей английского языка "SUCCESS" по теме"Весь мир-театр"
    методическая разработка по английскому языку (10 класс) на тему

    Ираида Ивановна Лысова

    Данный сценарий поможет учителям английского языка провести внеклассное мероприятие по теме "Театр".


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    Предварительный просмотр:

    Тематическое заседание клуба любителей английского языка «Успех»

    по теме «Весь мир – театр»

    Сценарий разработан учителями английского языка МБОУ лицей инновационных технологий г. Хабаровска И.И. Лысовой, Л.П. Ракитской

    Цель – поддерживать интерес  учащихся к мировому театральному искусству, как одной из форм формирования духовно-нравственной личности.


    1. Расширить знания учащихся о театрах мира и театральных деятелях.
    2. Развивать универсальные учебные действия учащихся средствами изучаемого иностранного языка о  театре.


    Ведущий 1:

    We’d like to start today’s meeting with the lines from Shakespeare's play “As You Like It.

    All the world's a stage,

    And all the men and women merely players:

    They have their exits and their entrances;

    And one man in his time plays many parts…

    We want you to learn more about the wonderful and magic world which is called Theatre.

    Technique “Mind Map” – associations with the word “Theatre”

    Ведущий 2:

    As long as the world exists, there exists the theatre. It’s one of the oldest arts. Since ancient times till today people have been trying to find the universal truth and beauty, and to condemn vices by means of laying them bare at the stage.

    Visiting a theatre requires some preparation on the part of viewers: they must have some knowledge of mythology, literature, and history as well.

    Technique “Log Book” – бортовой журнал (заполняются две колонки: знал / хотел бы узнать)

    Ведущий 3:

    The word theatre derives from  Ancient Greek  théatron, meaning “a place for viewing”. In a dictionary Theatre is defined as 

    A place or building, consisting of a stage and seating, in which an audience gathers to watch plays, musical performances, public ceremonies etc.

    And here are theatre muses – the muse of drama Melpomene and the muse of comedy Thalia.

    A theatrical culture of ancient Greek and Romans has had a significant impact on the world as a whole. They held a festival called the Dionysia, which honored the god Dionysus. Tragedy, comedy, and the satyr play were the three dramatic genres to emerge there.

    The earliest recorded actors Thespis,  Pratinas, and Phrynichus credited with different innovations in the theatrical art.

    The most notable Greek and Roman playwrights were Aeschylus , Euripides, Sophocles, Aristophanes, Menander, and Terence.

    Ведущий 1:

    Nowadays the variety of theatres is great: opera and ballet theatre, drama theatre, musical theatre, puppet theatre, young spectator’s theatre, pantomime theatre, philharmonic halls, professional and amateur theatres and what not…

    So, everybody can find a theatre to their liking, taste and education.

    Have a look at some of the world leading theatres

    The Metropolitan Opera in New York, the USA

    The La Scala in Milan, Italy

    The Globe Theatre in London, the UK

    The Old Vic Theatre in London

    The National Theatre in London

    The Grand Opera in Paris, France  

    The Bolshoi Theatre in Moscow, Russia

    Ведущий 2:

    The Bolshoi Theatre has always been and remains one of the major symbols of our great nation and its culture.

    It was founded on the 17
    th of March, 1776. The Bolshoi Theater has experienced a dramatic history.

    The founders of the troupe were Prince Peter Urusov and an Englishman Michael Maddox.

    Initially, it presented only Russian works, but foreign composers entered the repertoire starting around 1840.

    Architects Osip Bove, Andrei Mikhailov and Albert Kavos contributed to the design of the building which is a truly impressive example of Russian Classical architecture.

    The building is surmounted by the horse-drawn chariot of the god of the arts, Apollo. The quadriga was sculpted by Peter Clodt von Jürgensburg.

    The Bolshoi seats over 2,000 people and its auditorium is 21 meters tall, 25 meters long and 26 meters wide, making it one of the largest theaters in the world.

    1. At present time the Bolshoi is headed by General Director Anatoly Iksanov, Music Director Vassily Sinaisky, Director of Opera Makvala Kasrashvili and Director of Ballet Yuri Burlak .

    Ведущий 3:

    The Bolshoi is a repertory theatre. It normally introduces two to four new ballet or opera productions each season.  The sets and costumes for most productions are made in the Bolshoi's own workshops.

    From its beginnings the Bolshoi has been associated with ballet. The names of the great French director, Marius Petipa and our contemporary choreographers Yuri Grigorovich, Vladimir Vasiliev, Alexei Ratmanski are linked with the worldwide glory of the Russian ballet.

    Tchaikovsky's ballets Swan Lake , The Sleeping Beauty and The Nutcracker,  Adan's Giselle, Prokofiev's Romeo and Juliet, and Khachaturian's Spartacus premiered at the theatre. International touring companies from the Bolshoi have become an important source of cultural prestige.

    The theater's star dancers, among them, Galina Ulanova, Maya Plisetskaya, Natalia Bessmertnova, Ekaterina Maksimova and Vladimir Vasiliev, Maris Liepa, Ilze Liepa, , Maria Aleksandrova, Svetlana Zakharova, Andrei Uvarov, Nikolai Tsiskaridze, Vyacheslav Lopatin, helped to build the theater's reputation and boosted their careers into the dazzling heights of international success.

    Ведущий 4:

    The opera company specializes in the classics of Russian opera such as Mussorgsky's Boris Godunov, Glinka’s A Life for the Tsar and Rimsky-Korsakov's The Tsar's Bride, as well as the operas of Tchaikovsky. Many operas by western composers are also performed, especially works of Italian composers such as Rossini, Verdi, and Puccini. Until the mid-1990s, most foreign operas were sung in Russian, but Italian and other languages have been heard more frequently on the Bolshoi stage in recent years.

    Such celebrated singers of the Bolshoi Opera  as Elena Obraztsova, Galina Vishnevskaya, Tamara Milashkina, Tamara Sinyavskaya, Irina Arkhipova are well-known all over the world.

    The Bolshoi has received the State Award for Arts for its production of The Queen of Spades and was honored with five Golden Mask National Theatre Awards for the productions of The Queen of Spades, The Rake's Progress and The Bright Stream.
    Theatre's special attention is educational program for the youth. These programs have to do with developing the national pride and artistic taste in younger generation, and making sure that theatergoing becomes vital part of their life.

    The Bolshoi Theatre is the national theatre of Russia which  develops and forms the tastes of the audience, allowing the theatergoers to become familiar with the most prominent achievements of the music theatre.

    Ведущий 1:

    The 17th of March is a remarkable day; it’s the anniversary of the Bolshoi’s foundation.

    We live too far from Moscow but in our beautiful city we have lots of places to develop our artistic taste.

    Khabarovsk theatres.(рассказ о театрах города)


    Drama Theatre

    The curtain of the Khabarovsk regional drama theatre was raised for the first time in March 1946. The theatre is placed in the building which is the monument of architecture "Commune-House".

    On the stage of the theatre one can see the plays of both Russian and foreign classics. The theatre’s task is to meet the needs of spectators and to be a conductor of eternal values. In the repertoire there are following performances: "Uncle Vanya", "Oh, Women", "Players", "Suspicious History ", "Plague on Both of Your Houses".

    Ученик 2:

    Regional Theatre of Musical Comedy

    The Theater of Musical Comedy is the oldest one in Khabarovsk. It was founded in 1926 and was named «The Theater of Comical Opera». The building of the theatre is the city’s best scenic platform. Operettas and musical comedies, which have become the classics of the genre, are on the stage.

    Theatre “TRIADA”

    Theater “Triada” is a theater of pantomime. It is very popular among amateurs of theatrical arts. The theatre has been working since 1989 as a professional troupe,  and is known not only in  the Far East of Russia  but abroad as well.

    The name of the theatre comes from the Greek philosophical term "triple" - triple of the situation, opposition, and connection. Triplexes of the "TRIADA" can be determined by the three verbs "to make laugh", "to grieve", "to excite". The experiments in the theatrical art are characteristic for the staff consisting of 10 young actors and actresses.

    The repertoire of theatre includes clown-shows, classical pantomimes, plastic and traditional dramas. Words, light effects, classical and original modern music are used in the performance alongside with actions.

    There you will be struck, discouraged, touched by the outstanding acting.

    Ученик 2:

    The “White Theatre”

    Pure experiment is the idea of the theatre. “We are the actors and musicians, artists and poets, no more, than idlers”. “White theatre” is originally free theatre affording the tragically luxury to live in the world of doubts and questions, but not ready answers. The theatre is not a psychological one. Its aesthetics is expressed through  irony and cheerfulness. The acting has not only a theatrical sense, but also a literal one.

    The Theatre of Young Spectators

    The theatre is located in the building, where in the beginning of the 20th century the Khabarovsk public assembly was placed. The theatre began its work in 1944.

    Over the years more than 400 plays after Russian and foreign playwrights have been staged. The most interesting productions of the current season are Russian-Japanese performance "Bunna" (tours in Japan), "Widow of Colonel", Russian-American performance "Obsessed by Love", rock-folk opera "Gorbunok-Horse"etc.

    Ученик 3:

    Regional Puppet Theatre

    The theatre began its work in December 26, 1997. A cozy hall houses approximately 70people. The theater waits for the young audience 4 days a week.

    The spacious foyer and buffet are at your service before the performance and during intervals.

    Apart from performances, the theatre is always ready to offer any other entertaining programmes for children.

    Technique  “Readers’ Theatre”

    Описание технологии:

    The Reader’s Theater strategy blends students’ desire to perform with their need for oral reading practice. RT offers an entertaining and engaging means of improving fluency and enhancing comprehension.

    Characteristics of this activity:

    1. Students do not memorize their parts; they always read from their scripts.
    2. A stage is unnecessary; students simply stand or sit in a semicircle.
    3. Scripts are introduced in small groups.
    4. The script is treated like a new story, in that instructional support may be needed for new vocabulary and understanding of characters.
    5. Opportunities for practice are provided.

    Five “script notes”:

    1. Begin with very easy script.
    2. Select scripts that involve many readers.
    3. Short scripts are the best in the beginning.
    4. Provide each reader with a separate script, highlighting his or her part with some color.
    5. Give the readers the opportunity to read the script to themselves silently, and to read their parts to themselves aloud.

    After reading practice and performing the teacher gives some exercises for other groups to check how well they understand the text.

    Текст 1 с вопросами


    Art Buchwald

    A week ago Sunday New York city had a blackout and all nine television stations in the area went out for several hours. This created tremendous crises in families all over New York and proved that TV plays a much greater role in people’s lives than anyone can imagine.

    For example, when the TV went off in the Buskins’ house panic set in. First Bufkins thought it was his set in the living- room, so he rushed into his bedroom and turned on that set. Nothing. The phone rang, and Mrs. Bufkins heard her sister in Manhattan tell her that there was a blackout.

    She hung up and said to her husband, “It isn’t your set. Something’s happened to the top of the Empire State Building.”

    Bufkins looked at her and said, ”Who are you?”

    “I’m your wife,Edith.”

    “Oh,” Bufkins said. “Then I suppose those kids in there are mine.”

    “That’s right,” Mrs. Bufkins said. “If you ever got out of that armchair in front of the TV set you’d know who we are.”

    “Oh! They’ve really grown,” Bufkins said, looking at his son and daughter. “How old are they now?”

    “Thirteen and fourteen,” Mrs. Bufkins replied.

    “Hi, kids!”

    “Who’s he?” Bufkins’s son, Henry, asked.

    “It’s your father,” Mrs. Bufkins said.

    “I’m pleased to meet you.” Bufkins daughter, Mary, said shyly.

    There was silence all around.

    “Look,” said Bufkins finally. “I know I haven’t been a good father but now that the TV’s out I’d like to know you better.”

    “How?” asked Henry.

    “Well, let’s just talk,” Bufkins said. “That’s the best way to get to know each other.”

    “What do you want to talk about?” Mary asked.

    “Well, to begin with, what school do you go to?”

    “We go to High School,” Henry said.

    “So you’re both in high school!” There was a dead silence.

    “What do you do?” Mary asked.

    “I’m an accountant,” Bufkins said.

    “I thought you were a car salesman,” Mrs. Bufkins said in surprise.

    “It was two years ago. Don’t I tell you I changed jobs?” Bufkins said.

    “No, you don’t. You haven’t told me anything for two years.”

    “I’m doing quite well too,” Bufkins said.

    “Then why am I working in a department store?” Mrs. Bufkins demanded.

    “Oh, are you still working in a department store? If I had known that, I would have told you could quit last year. You should have mentioned it,” Bufkins said.

    There was more dead silence.

    Finally Henry said, “Hey, you want to hear me play the guitar?”

    “You know how to play the guitar? Say, didn’t I have a daughter who played the guitar?”

    “That was Susie,” Mrs. Bufkins said.

    “Where is she?”

    “She got married a year ago, just about the time you were watching the World Series.”

    “You know,” Bufkins said, very pleased. “I hope they don’t fix the antenna for another couple hours. There’s nothing better than a blackout for a man who really wants to know his family.”   (5 roles)

    Questions on the text:

    1. What did the blackout in New York cause?
    2. What was the result of it?
    3. Why did the panic set in the Bufkins’s house?
    4. Why was Bufkins surprised to see his wife and children?
    5. What did father learn hid children?
    6. What did Bufkins tell the members of the family about himself?
    7. Was the story interesting for you? Why?

    Текст 2 с вопросами:


    Many, many years ago there lived a very rich lord who owned a lot of land and houses, and nobody loved him.

    Not far from his house there was a village. A poor farmer lived there. He had neither money nor land, but he had a very beautiful daughter. The rich lord wanted to marry that girl, but she refused his offer and only laughed at him.

    “I want to marry your daughter,” said the lord to the farmer, “but she doesn’t want it. If you can make her change her mind I’ll give you a lot of money and one of my fields.”

    The farmer wanted to have the money and the land but he could not make his daughter marry someone she didn’t love.

    The lord was very angry.

    “Listen to me!” he said to the farmer. “Next week I’ll prepare for the wedding in my house. There’ll be many guests and a priest at the wedding party. When they have come, I’ll send one of my servants for your daughter. You can tell her that I need her to my house as a servant for the party. We can be married by the priest before she has time to say “No.”

    A week later the wedding party was prepared in the lord’s house, and when the priest and the guests came, a servant was sent to the farmer’s house.

    “Tell him to send me what he promised,” said the lord. “And then run back as quickly as you can, or I’ll punish you.”

    The boy ran to the farmer as fast as he could.

    “Can I have what you promised to my lord?” asked the boy. “And please be quick, because I must be back as soon as I can!”

    “Run to the field,” the farmer answered, “and takes her back to your lord.”

    The farmer’s daughter was working in the field, so the boy said to her, “Please, excuse me, but I must take back to my lord what your father promised. He said I can take her from the field.”

     “That must be our horse,” said the girl. “There she is. By the hedge.”

    So the servant jumped on the horse’s back and rode home as fast as he could. He left the horse in the yard and ran to his lord and the guests.

    “Have you brought her?” asked the lord.

    “Yes, she is at the door,” the servant answered.

    “Don’t leave her there,” said the lord. “Take her up to the big room that belonged to my mother.”

    “But my lord, she won’t go there,” said the boy.

    “Do it at once!” said the lord. “If you can’t do it yourself, ask some of the other servants to help you.”

    It was very difficult to get the horse up to the room.

    “We took her up to the room,” he said, “but it was a very difficult job.”

    “Now she must be dressed, so send the women up to her at once.”

    “But my lord, how can they…?”

    “Stop talking, boy!” shouted the lord. “Tell the women to dress her, and not to forget to put the wedding flowers on her head.”

    “Either our lord is mad, or he wanted to make his guests laugh,” the young man said.

    It was very difficult for the women to dress the horse and to put flowers over her ears.

    “She is ready, my lord,” the young servant said.

    “Bring her down,” shouted the lord.

    The priest came forward and all the guests stood up to see the bride. The strangely- dressed animal came in and stood by the lord in front of the priest. Everybody laughed. All the guests and even the priest shook with laughter. The old lord became red with anger as the guests laughed till they were helpless. They could not stop laughing. Next day the old lord left that part of the country and nobody saw him again.   (4 roles)

      Questions on the text:

    1. Did the young girl want to marry the lord?
    2. How was the old lord going to make her marry him?
    3. Why did the girl’s father agree to help the lord?
    4. Who did the servant bring to the wedding party?
    5. What did the lord do after the party?

    Ведущий 1:

    In conclusion, we would like to thank you for being with us, hope that you really enjoyed yourselves and by the way just in 10 days that is on the 27th of March there will be International theatre day. So, go to the theatre and get pleasure.

    You can use this site for more information.

    Сайт: http://www.theatres.com

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