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    Эссе на английском языке "Books".
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    Домрачева Елена Павловна

    Данное эссе посвящено теме "Чтение", выбору книг.


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    « Some books should be tasted, some devoured, but only a few should be chewed and digested thoroughly».

    It goes without saying, that reading plays an important part in our life. Nowadays it is impossible to be well-informed and intellectually developed without valuable knowledge kept in books. Books help to form our grammar and vocabulary. Moreover, literature is a wonderful source of pleasure, inspiration and imagination. A man, apart from doing his normal work, should also have a hobby of reading books! However, not every book is worth being «chewed and digested thoroughly» as Sir Francis Bacon mentioned.

    Many people are not aware of their likes or preferences regarding books. First of all, it depends on reader`s taste and aim of reading. In my opinion, classical literature makes people «well-read».  Italo Calvino noticed: «A classic is a book that has never finished saying what it has to say».  There are so many good classic books, covering various genres like romance, suspense, horror, fiction, science, travel, etc.  Although written several centuries ago, classic books continue to allure the readers even in the modern world. They are termed as timeless, as the authors followed certain structural guidelines while writing them. Most of these books depict the period in which they were written. To sum it up, classical books are World's Best Books of All Time. They deserve to be « not simply tasted», because classical books are a part of the rich literature and they have stolen the hearts of many readers.

    I`d like to finish this very essay remembering the old saying:"Never judge a book by its cover". And let only worthwhile books be your companions.


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