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    Методическая разработка по английскому языку по теме "Health"
    методическая разработка по английскому языку по теме

    Сёмина Кристина Сергеевна

    В данной разработке представлен лексический минимум по теме "Здоровье", тематические тексты и задания.


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    Предварительный просмотр:

    Английский язык

    Методическая разработка по теме

    Преподаватель Сёмина К.С.

    Список лексики по теме:



    be in good health

    Иметь хорошее здоровье

    be in good shape/fit

    Быть в хорошей форме



    be ill/feel ill


    be in poor health

    Иметь плохое здоровье

    fall ill


    catch a disease


    catch cold


    get better

    Становиться лучше


    Выздоравливать (восстанавливаться)




    Зубная боль/головная боль/Боль в животе (желудке)



    to have a sore throat

    Больное горло (ангина)

    have a fever


    be running a high temperature

    Иметь высокую температуру

    high blood pressure

    Ваысокое кровяное двалене



    runny nose









    Падать в обморок

    Sickness, illness, disease




    heart attack

    Сердечный приступ








    Пневнония/воспаление легких













    take temperature

    Измерять температуру

    feel pulse

    Измерять пульс

    make tests

    Сдавать анализы

    take blood pressure

    Измерять кровяное давление



    make a diagnosis

    Поставить диагноз

    go to the doctor

    Обратиться к врачу

    Complain of

    Жаловаться на

    Cure, treat




    A medical certificate


    A sick leave


    Stay in bed

    Соблюдать постельный режим

    Chemist’s (drugstore)


    A medicine (for)


    General practitioner (GP)








    Proverbs and Sayings:

    Translate and find Russian equivalents (Переведите и найдите русские эквиваленты):

    An apple a day keeps a doctor a day.

    A sound mind in a sound body.

    Health is better than wealth.

    Prevention is better than cure.

    Health is not valued till sickness comes.

    Early to bed and early to rise makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise.

    Fit as a fiddle.

    Read and translate the text.


    When we are ill, we call a doctor, and he examines us and diagnoses the illness. When we have a headache, a stomach ache, a sore throat, a cold, or a pain in some parts of the body, we call a doctor. He takes our temperature and our pulse. He examines our heart, our lungs, our stomach or the part where we have pain, and tells us what the matter is with us. The doctor prescribes medicine, and gives us a prescription, which we take to the chemist's, who makes up the medicine. If you follow the doctor's orders, you get better; if you disobey the doctor, you may get worse, and even die. We must obey the doctor, if we want to get better. If we have a temperature, we must stay in bed and take the medicine he prescribes. If we cannot get better at home we must go to hospital. If we are too ill to walk, we go to hospital in the ambulance. After our illness we can go to a sanatorium until we are strong again.

    When we have toothache, we go to the dentist's. He examines our teeth, finds the tooth which hurts us, stops or extracts it. Now here in Russia health system incorporates a variety of medical institutions. The medical service in Russia is of two kinds. Some state establishments give their employees medical insurance cards. They guarantee the people free of charge medical assistance. Some medical establishments charge fees for treatment.

    They may be rather high, but our medical service now uses all modern equipment and medicines and provides qualified medical help to all people.

    Find English equivalents in the text:

    Выписать лекарство,  Вам может стать хуже, современное оборудование, квалифицированная медицинская помощь, скорая помощь, лёгкие, аптека, соблюдать постельный режим, страховые медицинские полисы,  медицинские учреждения,  система здравоохранения, санаторий, осматривает зубы, вырывает его.


    Medicines are not meant to live, an English proverb says. Yes, that's true and we may add that good health is better than the best medicine. If your health is good, you are always in a good mood. You have a sound mind in a solid body, as an Old Latin saying goes. The English proverb "Sickness in the body brings sickness to the mind, expresses the similar idea, but from the different point of view. The profession of a doctor is one of the most noble, respected and needed in the worlds, as we turn to a doctor for advise at the hardest moments of our life, when we fall ill or suffer from pain or some disorder in our body and soul. We complain of low medical treatment, poor equipment of hospitals, difficulties in getting this or that medicine and so on. What a pity we start to value our health only when it is necessary to take medicine. Taking medicine is an unpleasant thing of course, and if we want to avoid it, we should go in for sport and keeps ourselves fit. Physical exercises to my mind are necessary. Physically inactive people catch cold more often than those who do plenty of exercises.

    Physical exercises are good pastime. That is true that good health is better than the best medicine. If you do early exercises you feel refreshed you have a good posture and that makes you felled so pay attention to the way you stand waken sit. Here some rules for good health.

    1. Take long walks in the open air as often as you can.

    2. Keep your body clean.

    3. Keep your teeth clean.

    4. Wear clean clothes.

    5. Sleep with your window open.

    6. When you are reading or writing let the light come from your left shoulder.

    7. Have plenty of fruits and vegetables all the year round "An apple a day keeps the doctor away.

     Of all things people probably have diseases most. There is nothing more unpleasant than being taking ill. If you are running a temperature, have a splitting headache feel deezy or cough you go and see a doctor or send for him at once. She or he will come and feel your pulse, take your temperature, listen to your heart, tested your lungs, measure your blood pressure, etc.

    Certainly, he or she will prescribe some medicine which you can get made up at chemists [drug-store]. At chemist's shop you can get different kinds of medicines: pulls, tablets, ointments and many other things. I remember one of my most serious illnesses.

    It was four years ago. Illness started unexpectedly. Early in the morning I woke up and felt deezy and feverish. I had a splitting headache and terrible cough. My nose was running, I was sneezing all the time. I could hardly recognize my own voice. Besides I was running a high temperature. The doctor asked me to strip to the waist, then sounded my lungs, felt my pulse, examined the throat. I had phenomena and I was to be taken to the hospital.

    I had to stay for a month there and obliged to get a lot of penicillin injections. In the long run I recovered of course.

    But most of all I'm afraid of visiting a dentist. Toothache can't be compared with anything else. Extracting a tooth or having a tooth field are quite common things but now painful.

    Answer the following questions:

    1. How do you feel?
    2. What’s your temperature?
    3. Have ever had flu?
    4. How did you feel when you were ill?
    5. Did you go to the polyclinic or did you call a doctor?
    6. How did the doctor examine you?
    7. What did the doctor find? What was the matter with you?
    8. What did the doctor prescribe?
    9. Who went to the chemist’s to get medicine?
    10. How often did you take medicine?
    11. What happened after the doctor’s visit?
    12. When did you feel well again?

    Read the text:

    Healthy Living

    It is a pleasure to look at a strong, athletic man and slim beautiful lady.

    It is known that healthy people live longer and their career is more successful. To look well you must follow some simple rules: don’t smoke and take drugs, don’t drink alcohol, don’t eat too much chips and sweets, eat more vegetables and fruits, sleep well, do exercises.

    We have lessons of physical education three times a week. We do exercises, run, jump, play basketball and pioneer ball, ski in winter. I think that we must have more PE lessons than we have now. For example American pupils have their PE lessons every day.

    I like to play tennis, to ride a bicycle and to swim. But most of all I like roller-skating. I could hardly wait when snow melted, I put on roller-skates and went outdoors. I spent one or two hours every day skating with my friends and we’ve got a lot of fun!

    I don’t smoke (nobody smokes in our family). I know that this very bad habit may cause serious problems in your health. I do my morning exercises, try to eat “healthy” food and think that this is really a good way to live.

    Answer the questions:

    1. What should you do to look well?
    2. Which bad habits were mentioned in the text?

    Read the funny story and say what mistake the man has made: 

    Medicine for a Headache

    One day a man went to the chemist’s shop. He saw the chemist and asked him, “Have you anything for a headache?”

    The chemist said, “I have a very good medicine”. Then he took a small bottle from the shelf. He held it under the man’s nose and opened it. It was not a great pleasure for the man, because tears came to his eyes and ran down his face. He couldn’t speak and didn’t like the medicine.

    “What did you do?” he said when he could speak again.

    “Well, I didn’t do anything bad”, said the chemist. “You wanted something for your headache, didn’t you? That medicine has helped you, hasn’t it?”

    No, it hasn’t”, said the man. “It’s my wife who has the headache, not me!”

    “Oh, I’m, sorry!” said the chemist. “Next time please tell me more about the medicine you want. And I’ll ask you more questions before giving you something”.

    Dialogues (Read and act out):

    - What`s the matter with you?

    - I feel bad. I have a high temperature.

    -  I think you should go to the doctor

    - Ok. You`re right

    -  Что с тобой?

    -  Я плохо себя чувствую. У меня высокая температура

    -  Я думаю, тебе следует обраться к врачу

    - Хорошо. Ты права

    - What` troubling you?

    - Doctor, I have a bad cough and headache

    - Let me examine you. I`ll listen your heart and take a pulse.

    - Ok

    - Take these pills three times a day.

    - Thank you, doctor

    -  Что Вас беспокоит?

    - Доктор, у меня сильный кашель и болит голова

    -  Позвольте Вас осмотреть. Я послушаю Ваше сердце и измерю пуль

    - Хорошо

    - Принимайте эти таблетки 3 раза в день

    -  Спасибо, доктор

    - How`s your sister keeping?

    - She is getting better.

    - It`s great. Tell her I hope we soon see

    - Ok

    -Как себя чувствует твоя сестра?

    - Она выздоравливает

    - Это великолепно. Скажи ей, что я надеюсь, что мы скоро увидимся

    -  Хорошо

    - Are you ok?

    - No. I`m going down with the flu. I have a soar throat, a bad cough, my nose is clogged and I feel shivery

    - You should stay in a bad and drink a lot of tea

    I`m going to shop. I`ll buy some medicines for you

    - Thanks

    - С тобой всё в порядке?

    - Нет. Я заболеваю гриппом. У меня болит горло, сильный кашель, мой нос заложен и меня знобит

    - Тебе следует соблюдать постельный режим и пить много чая.

    Я собираю в магазин. Я куплю лекарства для тебя

    - Спасибо

    • What’s the matter with your arm Ann?
    • -I was careless while boiling  the milk this morning. I ran to the polyclinic, and the nurse put some ointment on it and bandaged it. It’s much better now.

    -Что случилось с твоей рукой, Энн?

    - Я была невнимательна, когда кипятила молоко. Я побежала в поликлинику, и медсестра положила мазь и забинтовала руку. Теперь намного лучше.

    • Why are limping, John? What’s the matter?
    • -I was playing football yesterday and sprained my ankle. It hurts badly and I can hardly walk.
    • You’d better put a compress on your ankle, that’s the best remedy. Call the doctor and he will give you a sick leave.

    - Почему ты хромаешь, Джон? Что случилось?

    - Вчера я играл в футбол и потянул лодыжку. Так болит, что я едва могу ходить





    Read and act out the dialogue: write out the underlined words and translate them: (Прочтите и разыграйте диалог. Выпишите  подчеркнутые слова и переведите)

    Going to the Doctor

    Hugo: I feel bad. My throat hurts.

    Diego: Maybe you have a sore throat.

    Hugo: I have a headache as well.

    Diego: I can turn down the TV if you like.

    Hugo: Thank you, Diego. You are a good brother.

    Diego: Do you want an aspirin for your headache?

    Hugo: Yes, please. My back hurts too.

    Diego: Maybe you should go to the Doctors.

    Doctor´s Office

    Doctor: Come in.

    Hugo: Hello. I´m Hugo.

    Doctor: Hello. How do you feel?

    Hugo: I feel terrible. My head, throat and back hurt.

    Doctor: Are you tired and exhausted?

    Hugo: A little. Sorry. I have to sneeze. AHHCHOO!

    Doctor: I have to ask you some questions. Do you feel sick?

    Hugo: I feel very sick! Please help me!

    Doctor: Calm down. Don´t worry. Everything is going to be okay. Do you have an earache?

    Hugo: No. I have a headache, a backache and a sore throat. I feel dizzy.

    Doctor: Are you allergic to anything?

    Hugo: I don´t think so.

    Doctor: When was the last time you were sick?

    Hugo: I never get sick. I never catch colds. I am  healthy. I do sports every day and I still get sick. AACHHOO!

    Doctor: Would you like a tissue?

    Hugo: Yes, please.

    Doctor: Here you go.

    Hugo: Thank you, Doctor.

    Doctor: No problem. I think you have a cold, Hugo. My advice for you is to go home and try to get some rest.

    Hugo: My head is spinning!

    Doctor: I´m going to give you a prescription for some headache tablets. Also, I am going to give you a prescription for some cough syrup. It will help you with your sore throat. 

    Hugo: Thank you, Doctor.

    Doctor: In a few days, you will start to feel better. Do you know where the pharmacy is?

    Hugo: I think there is a pharmacy near my house but I feel too sick to go there.

    Doctor: There is a pharmacy on this street. As you leave this building, walk 500 metres and it is on your left. Did you come here with anyone?

    Hugo: My big brother brought me here. He told me I had to come here.

    Doctor: Your brother cares about you. I think he should take you home now. I hope you get well soon.

    Hugo: Thank you very much, Doctor. Have a good day. Bye!

    Doctor: Take care. Bye.

    Read and act out the dialogue:

    C:\Documents and Settings\Учетная_ часть\Мои документы\Downloads\health.jpg

    Put the sentence in the right order to make a dialogue.

    -Yes, I will prescribe you this medicine, but don’t take it for more than a week. Remember that a lot of fresh air and a long rest will help you more than any pills in the world.

    - What’s the matter with you?

    - Do you sleep well?

    - Do you keep late hours?

    - Let me sound you? Do you smoke?

    - You must  take a vacation. You should go to some quite place and stay there for at least half a month. Try to stop smoking. Walk at least an hour a day. This is the only way to recover.

    -Have you been working a lot?


    - I have had some urgent work to do and I was very nervous about it.

    - Doctor, will you prescribe me any sleeping pills?

    - No, I don’t . I have been sleeping very badly lately.

    - Occasionally. About a pack a week.

    - I don’t go to bed till midnight, sometimes later.

    - Thank you, doc. I’ll try to follow your advice.

    - Well, I don’t know, but a I have a terrible headache.

    Health/Well-being Vocabulary Test

    Choose the correct word:

    1) High salt _______ can lead to heart disease and stroke.

    a) consumption b) use c) intake  d) input

    2) The economic costs to the individual associated with _____ these illnesses are colossal and climbing.

    a) treating b) curing c) collecting d) mending

    3) American privatized health insurance companies often put profit before ______.

    a) cure b) core c) dare d) care

    4) We can't get the toxic carbon dioxide out of our bodies, so we are full of aches and pains and prone to ______ ageing.

    a) prenatal  b) premature  c) fast  d) mature

    5) People say you are wearing rose- _____ spectacles (glasses) when you are extremely optimistic.

    a) filled b) painted c) tinted  d) smelling

    6) Gross national product and ______ mortality rates were among the main indicators of social development.

    a) infant  b) childish  c) baby  d) young

    7) As positive effect the ________ of metabolism more than 5%, in comparison with initial level, was considered.

    a) intensity  b) development c) growth

    d) intensification

    8) At the age of 67, Dr. Fleming wrote a book about a new diabetes-______ approach through diet and exercise.

    a) precautionary  b) preventative   c) warning                      d) alerting

    9) Between 1990-1995 and 1995-2000, life ______ increased in all regions of the world except Eastern and Southern Africa and Eastern Europe.

    a) duration b) length c) expectancy d) continuity

    10) To save electricity and _____ your monitor’s life, click the Power button at the bottom of the Screen Saver tab.

    a) increase b) extend  c) enlarge d) expand

    11) Fresh air and exercise _______ to good health.

    a) invest b) inlay c) increase d) contribute

    12) A _____ of the muscle layer is a powerful blood supply and innervation.

    a) peculiarity  b) peculuarity  c) pecuiliarity  

    d) peculliarity

     Insert the correct preposition:

    1) In good times most of them manage to get enough to eat, in bad times they die ____ starvation.

    2) His personality seemed to be undergoing a change and it was obvious his personal life was _____ some stress.

    3) I'm allergic _____ big noisy cities.

    4) The research involved 15 patients in medium heavy state of health, who were admitted ____ Manchester military hospital.

    5) You can force him, massage him, stretch him, operate _____ his tail, but a monkey is a monkey.

    6) Ancient Eastern medicine was not just medicine, not just a cure ___ the body, but a cure ___ the soul.

    7) For several days after the accident, his life hung _____ a thread.

    8) It seems to have made the patient weaker and more addicted to dangerous drugs, as well as more susceptible _____ new strains of the virus that may, in some cases, eventually prove fatal.

    9) According to the National Institute of Gerontology, 4.5 million Americans suffer _____ Alzheimer's disease and it annually costs the economy 100 billion dollars.                  

    Put the word-combinations into the columns:

    We must

    We must not

    Be healthy; smoke; wash hands; clean the house; eat too much; drink the alcohol; eat the snow; breathe in fresh air; go in for sport; eat fruit and vegetables; do morning exercises; eat too many sweets; go to bed late; keep our body clean; be sleepy; sleep eight hours; visit the doctor regularly; clean the teeth; feel fine; feel sick; have headache; have a bad cold; drink very cold water.



    Fill the gaps with appropriate words:

    Caught a cold      feel good     feel sick      has a cold      have to sneeze     tired and exhausted       blow her nose       back ache       have a headache      have an earache       sore throat      lost her voice     broke his arm     temperature       allergic to    have diarrhea    has a black eye

    I __________________ today. I am not sick.

    Hugo ____________________ because he thought he was Harry Potter. He banged his head against the bathroom wall. Now he has a bruise on his eye.

    Olivia has to ______________________.It is blocked.

    I __________________a cold yesterday. I feel terrible.

    My English teacher _______________________. She can´t speak.

    My friend is _________________________ because he was working all day long.

    She _______________________ because she keeps sneezing and coughing.

    Do you have a tissue? I ____________________! AHHCHOO!

    Hugo fell off a tree. He is lucky he didn´t __________________________.

    Hugo and Diego do not  ________________. They just like to go to the toilet every five minutes to check their appearance in the mirror.

    I think I have a _______________________. My back really hurts.

    Please turn down the TV. I have a _____________________!

    My throat really hurts. My mother says I have a _____________________.

    I ____________________. I don´t feel well. I want to go home.

    I am ________________cats. I start to sneeze and my eyes start to water whenever I am around cats.

     Translate into English:

    Однажды утром я почувствовал, что нездоров. У меня был насморк, и болело горло. Мама измерила мне температуру и сказала, что у меня жар. Она  посоветовала мне остаться дома и вызвать врача.  Когда врач пришел, он сказал, что у меня все симптомы гриппа. Он выписал мне больничный лист на три дня и посоветовал соблюдать постельный режим, так как грипп – очень заразная болезнь.  Выписав рецепт на таблетки, врач ушел. Я попросил маму сходить в аптеку и во всем следовал советам врача. Через три дня я выздоровел.

    1. Мне нездоровится. 2) У меня болит ухо. 3) У меня болит горло. 4)  У меня всё болит. 5) Мне больно ходить. 6) Она зимой часто болеет гриппом. 7) У него аппендицит. 8) Зайди в аптеку и купи мне лекарство. 9) У меня болит зуб и мне придется (have to) идти к стоматологу. 10) У меня сильная головная боль, голова кружится и меня тошнит.

    Translate the English phrases into Russian and Russian phrases into English.

    1. Я плохо себя чувствую.Where can I find a doctor?
    2. У меня опух локоть. What doctor an recommend me?
    3. Where’s the nearest polyclinic? Я хочу проконсультироваться с врачом.
    4. Что с вами? – I have a high temperature.-У вас болит горло? – No, but I feel sick and I have rash. – У вас ветрянка.
    5. Н меня сильно болит зуб. – I’ll give you something to sooth the pain.



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    Тема урока: "Почему ты изучаешь английский язык?".Тип урока: урок систематизации знаний учащихся.Цель урока - развивать навыки коммуникативной компетенции учащихся.Здачи урока:-практиковать учащихся в...