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    Фрагмент урока «Think globally, act locally» по теме «Environmental problems on the planet» с использованием программы канала BBC World.
    план-конспект урока по английскому языку (9 класс) на тему

    Севастьянова Елена Владимировна

    Данная разработка содержит конспект фрагмента урока с использованием программы канала BBC World.


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    Предварительный просмотр:

    Фрагмент урока  «Think globally, act locally»

    по теме «Environmental problems on the planet»

    с использованием программы канала BBC World.

    Класс 11.

    Учитель – Севастьянова Е. В.


    1. Pre–viewing activity 

    Teacher: “Dear friends, we have just come to the conclusion that everything in nature is interconnected and if something goes wrong in one part of the planet, everybody loses. Can you present particular examples of such interconnections using the spider gram we have created earlier? “

    overpopulation –                                                 cutting down tropical rainforests

    shortage of energy                                                 destroying natural habitat

    – animal extinction


                                       Change one thing, change everything.


           emissions of gases                                                               poor air quality

    from plants and factories                                                          – ozone holes

      – global warming            human activity on the Earth                        – heat waves in Europe

       sharp  rise of water level        – disbalance in the Universe                             – changes in weather patterns


    Examples of students’

    micromonologues.      -    Increase in traffic causes gas emissions which, in its turn, results in          

                                              acid rains causing water and land pollution…    


    • Heat waves in Europe resulted in turning plants from absorbers to          producers of carbon monoxide…

    • Due to the recent hurricanes two nuclear reactors in the USA will be closed down which can lead to energy gap. As nuclear power is the main source of energy for that country, it can definitely cause new economic crises…



    While – viewing activity 

    To sum up, our planet is in real danger. We all need to accept and deal with the challenges if we are to avoid disaster. And we should do it both globally and locally, because «Think globally, act locally». Now you are going to watch a part of the news programme of the BBC World channel. While watching it, decide whether the following statements are true or false:

    1) The fragment touches upon the problems of air and water pollution.

    2) The European Commission has announced that the number of premature deaths every year is more than 30000.

    3) An initiative which will cost an estimated 2 billion euros a year will have a dramatic impact on air quality.

    4) The surface of the Mars hasn’t undergone any serious changes.

    5) NASA scientists say that deposits of frozen carbon dioxide near the South Pole have shrunk.

    6) Research has shown that climate change has reduced.

    1 – F, 2 – T, 3 – F, 4 – F, 5 – T, 6 – F.

    Watching the programme – 2, 5 min

    Post – viewing activity

    You have just watched the programme concerning the global problems of humanity: poor air quality and, as a result, the increase in respiratory diseases and premature deaths, noise pollution caused by airplanes,  and the most important – a breaking peace of news – changes in the Mars surface caused by human activity on the Earth. Working in groups of three, discuss the importance of the news and work out a range of measures to be taken.

    Groups of 3.


    Teacher: “What conclusion can we make? This land is ours. We ought to take care of it. Do something about the area you live in thinking globally acting locally. We seem to be isolated but, in fact, all of us are interdependent. The more beauty is around us, the higher is the level of positive energy. You can never escape from what surrounds you and if we stay conscious of the world and what is happening around us, we will live in harmony with nature and each other”.

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