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    План-конспект открытого урока английского языка в 5 классе по теме «Моя семья» (My family)
    план-конспект урока по английскому языку (5 класс) на тему

    Лустенкова Татьяна Алексеевна

    План-конспект открытого урока английского языка в 5 классе по теме «Моя семья» (My family)


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    План-конспект открытого урока английского языка в 5 классе по теме «Моя семья» (My family)

    Деятельность учителя


    Деятельность ученика

    1. Организационный момент


    Good morning, students!

    How are you?

    I'm fine, thank you! Sit down!

    Good morning, teacher!

    OK, and you?

    Речевая зарядка

    Now, we're going to start! I've got several questions for you.

    What date is it today?


     And what day is it today?

    Right you are.

    Say me, please, what is your timetable for today?

    But what is your favourite subject?

    Today is the twenty-fourth of November.

    Today is Monday.

    Today we have Math, PE, Art, English, Russian and History.

    My favourite subject is...

    My favourite subjects are...

    Фонетическая зарядка

    You can see combination of letters

    t and h. Together they produce two sounds /Ѳ/ and /ð/

    Try to pronounce it.

    Good, but let's pronounce it in the sentences.

    This is the father good and kind,

    This is the mother with a gentle smile

    This is brother grown so tall,

    This is sister with a doll,

    This is baby still to grow,

    That is the family standing in a row.

    Class, try to find words with combination th.

    Учитель подчеркивает буквосочетания th. You're right!

    And now I'm going to remove several words, but try to remember them and pronounce while reading this text once more.

    Учитель стирает слова father, mother, brother, sister, baby, family, this

    This is the father good and kind,

    This is the mother with a gentle smile

    This is brother grown so tall,

    This is sister with a doll,

    This is baby still to grow,

    That is the family standing in a row.

    Good job, class!

     /Ѳ/ and /ð/,  /Ѳ/ and /ð/,  /Ѳ/ and /ð/

    Учащиеся повторяют за учителем по строчке

    This is the father good and kind,

    This is the mother with a gentle smile

    This is brother grown so tall,

    This is sister with a doll,

    This is baby still to grow,

    This is the family standing in a row.

    This, the, mother, father, brother, with, that

    This is the father good and kind,

    This is the mother with a gentle smile

    This is brother grown so tall,

    This is sister with a doll,

    This is baby still to grow,

    This is the family standing in a row.

    1. Актуализация знаний

    Now, say me please, what missing words can we mention?

    Can we combine them into one theme?


    Father, mother, brother, sister, baby, family

    Yes, these words are about family.

    1. Постановка цели и задач урока. Мотивация учебной деятельности учащихся

    The theme of our lesson today is My family. We are going to learn words associated with family, descriptions and abilities of members of the family.

    Do you want to tell about your families?

    And in the end of our lesson you will be able to tell about your own family.


    1. Первичное усвоение новых знаний посредством чтения и аудирования

    Class, open your books at page 56 and find Kate's diary there.

    Have you found it?

    (reading for specific information )

    Now I'll give you 1 min to look through the text to find new words, names and other details.

    Time's over. Say me, please, who is Kate's mother or mum?

    Right. Who is Kate's brother?

    Right. Who is Kate's grandfather or grandpa?

    Good. Who is Kate's father?

    Right you are. Who is Kate's sister?

    Good. Who is Kate's grandmother or grandma?


    Now we are going to listen to this text.

    Get prepared to listen to and look through this text attentively.

    Listening to the tape

    Учащиеся открывают учебники


    Учащиеся читают текст про себя находят имена, слова на тему «Семья» и некоторые другие детали по тексту. (индивидуальная работа)

    Kate's mother is Jane

    Kate's brother is Tom.

    Kate's grandfather is Ben.

    Kate's father is David.

    Kate's sister is Emma.

    Kate's grandmother is Helen.

    Учащиеся слушают текст и следят в учебнике

    1. Первичное закрепление нового материала посредством чтения с полным пониманием содержания

    Let's do the exercise #2 at page 56.

    (reading for detail )

    First, read the questions and underline the main words. Find out if the information is right (R), wrong (W) or it doesn't say (DS).

    Read, please, the first sentence

    Is the information right (R), wrong (W) or doesn't say (DS)

    Sentence #2

    Sentence #3

    Sentence #4

    Sentence #5

    You have to mark each sentence R, W or DS in pairs.

    Let's check your answers

    2. Jane can dance.

    3 David can speak five languages.

    What is right answer?

    4 Kate's got a baby brother.

    What is right answer?

    5 Kate visits her grandparents every weekend.

    Good job, class!

    And now it's time to read this text aloud. Get prepared, be attentive!

    Passage A

    Passage B

    Passage C

    Passage D

    Passage E

    Passage F

    Thank you for your nice reading.

    St 1 Kate plays the violin.

    It doesn't say. DS

    St 2 Jane can dance.

    St 3 David can speak five languages.

    St 4 Kate's got a baby brother.

    St 5 Kate visits her grandparents every weekend.

    Учащиеся самостоятельно находят предложения в тексте, помечают их соответствующими буквами, сравнивают ответы в парах.

    DS - It doesn't say.

    W – It's wrong.

    David can speak French.

    W – It's wrong.

    Kate's got a baby sister.

    DS – It doesn't say.

    Учащиеся читают текст по абзацам вслух. На доске дублируется текст из учебника

    St 1 My mum's name is Jane. She's thirty five and a music teacher. She can play the guitar. She's very clever.

    St 2 This is my dad, David. He's forty-two and he's a pilot. He can speak French. He's very cool.

    St 3 Tom is my brother. He's eight and he's very naughty, but deep down he's very caring. Computer games are his hobby.

    St 4 Helen is my grandma. She's seventy years old. She's kind and friendly. She can make cookies, but

    she often burns them.

    St 5 This is my grandpa. His name's Ben and he's seventy-two. He's really funny.

    St 6 Emma is my baby sister. She's sweet, but very noisy! She can't walk yet.

    1. Минутка отдыха

    Class, let's take a little break and play the game “Who wants to be a millionaire?” Look at the whiteboard and try to find right answers.

    На доске в режиме игры высвечиваются вопросы по содержанию прочитанного текста с четырьмя вариантами ответа. Всего один будет верным. Они по очереди подходят к доске и выбирают правильный ответ.

    Kate's mother is

    Jane, David, Helen, Emma

    Kate's father is

    a pilot, a music teacher, a writer, a doctor

    Kate's grandfather is

    thirty-five, forty-two, seventy-two, eight

    Grandma is

    very cool, clever, funny, kind and friendly

    Kate's mum

    can't walk yet, can make cookies, can speak French, can play the guitar

    Who is sweet, but very noisy?

    Kate, Ben, David, Emma

    Good work, class.

    Have you relaxed?

    We are going to continue...


    a pilot,


    kind and friendly

    can play the guitar



    1. Расширение словарного запаса. Первичное усвоение лексического материала  - прилагательные для описания характера человека через словарную работу и письмо

    To speak about members of family we have to know describing words.

    Look at the exercise #3 at page 57. You can see the words describing people.

    Please, open you copybooks, write down the date and all the words from the exercise #3. There are 9 of them.

    Try to find the word “cool” in the text and underline it. Then use the word list at the back of the book to find the meaning of a word as well as other information about it.

    По окончании работы со словарем учитель проверяет правильность перевода фронтально.

    What does “cool” mean?

    What is the meaning if the word “kind”?

    Next, what does “sweet” mean?

    “Clever” is...

    What does “friendly” mean?

    “Noisy” is...

    “Funny” is...

    What does “naughty” mean?

    “Caring” is …


    Учащиеся открывают тетради, записывают дату, номер упражнения и список слов. Ребята находят первое слово в тексте, подчеркивают его, затем используют словарь учебника, чтобы найти значение и другую информацию о слове (adj – прилагательное). Затем записывают значение в тетрадь.



    сладкий, милый




    смешной, забавный

    непослушный, шаловливый

    заботливый, внимательный

    1. Первичное закрепление лексического материала через перевод и говорение

    Children, let's try to remember all of these words. To do this, first, try to write them on the whiteboard.

    Look at the text again and find who is cool?


    Who is kind?


    Who is sweet?


    Who is clever?


    Who is friendly?


    Who is noisy?


    Who is  funny?


    Who is naughty?


    Who is caring

    Учащиеся по очереди пишут слова на доске, затем осваивают прилагательные для описания характер людей в речи.

    St 1 cool

    Kate's father is cool.

    St 2 kind

    Kate's grandma is kind.

    St 3 sweet

    Kate's baby sister is sweet.

    St 4 clever

    Her mother is clever.

    St 5 friendly

    Her  grandma is friendly

    St 6 noisy

    Her baby sister is noisy

    St 7 funny

    Her grandfather is funny

    St 8 naughty

    Her brother is naughty.

    St 9 caring

    Her brother is caring

    1. Обобщение грамматического материала — глагол can в значении физической и умственной способности, умения

    Для активизации знаний учащихся и понимании разницы между can  и can't учитель задает вопросы и отвечает на них.

    Class, can I speak English? - Yes, I can. I can speak English well.

    Can I swim? - No, I can't. I can't swim at all.

    Do you understand?

    Birds can fly, but dogs can't fly.

    Can birds fly?

    Can dogs fly?

    Now find grammar table at page 57, ex 5, read it!

    Учитель дублирует таблицу на доске, помогает вспомнить и понять аналогию действий при составлении вопроса и отрицания с использованием модального глагола  can.

    OK, now is it clear?

    Now, class, use Kate's diary to complete sentences in the exercise 5b. Put can or can't in sentences 1-5 according to the diary.

    We are going to check. Let's read the first sentence.

    Find the same in the text


    Yes, birds can fly.

    No, dogs can't fly.

    Учащиеся читают таблицу вслух.


    Учащиеся самостоятельно вставляют пропущенные слова  в соответствии с содержанием текста

    St 1 Jane can play the guitar

    St 2 She can play the guitar.

    St 3 Emma can't walk

    St 4 She can't walk yet

    St 5 Helen can make cookies

    St 6 She can make cookies

    St 7 David can't speak Russian

    St 8 He can speak French

    St 9 Ben can make people fun

    St 10 He's really funny

    1. Применение изученного материала — говорение с использованием нового лексико-грамматического материала

    Let's share into three groups. I'll give you lists with questions, and you try to answer with the usage of new words (cool, friendly, funny, etc) and the verb can or can't

    Good, thanks a lot!


    Good job, class!

    Учащиеся делятся на три группы, получают листы с вопросами, работают сообща для написания ответов с использованием новой лексики. Затем, от каждой группы по два участника разыгрывают диалог.

    Group #1

    What's your sister like?

    She's naughty and noisy.

    Can your sister play the guitar?

    No, she can't.

    What's you father like?

    My father is kind and friendly.

    Can he make cookies?

    Yes, he can.

    Group #2

    What's you brother like?

    He's caring.

    Can he swim?

    Yes, he can swim.

    What's your grandma like?

    She's caring and kind

    Can she spear Russian?

    No, she can't

    Group #3

    What's your grandfather like?

    He's funny and cool.

    Can he play computer games?

    No, he can't

    What's your baby brother like?

    He's noisy and sweet.

    Can he walk?

    No, he can't.

    1. Домашнее задание

    And now, open your diaries, write your homework for the next time.

    Your H/W is WB, p 35, ex1, 2, 3 Учитель записывает задание на доске.

    In ex 1 you should fill missing words in the text. In ex 2 you should write out all of the adjectives from the ex 1. At last in ex 3 put can or can't into sentences 1-5, according to the table above.

    An individual task for St 1 – writing your own diary according to the text.

    Учащиеся открывают дневники, записывают домашнее задание, слушают инструкции по его выполнению.

    1. Подведение итогов занятия

    At the end of our lesson I want to put you marks for your work today.

    St 1, St 2, St 3, St 4 get excellent marks,

    St 5, St 6, St 7 St 8 get good marks.

    Thanks a lot!

    1. Рефлексия и завершение урока

    Children, I want to ask you!

    Was the lesson interesting?

    Was it difficult?

    Do you like the lesson?

    I've enjoyed it very much too!

    Good bye, everyone!



    Yes, we do!

    Good bye! See you!

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