Множественное число существительных (упражнения)
учебно-методический материал по английскому языку (10 класс) на тему

Данный материал содержит несколько упражнений на образование множественного числа существительных, на образование нужной формы глагола  в соответствии  с числом существительного и на нахождение ошибок приобразовании множественного числа существительных и их коррекции. упражнения можно использовать дифференцированно  взависимомти от  уровня группы.


Предварительный просмотр:

Множественное число существительных

№1 Make Plural:

Place, library, dress, ray, hat, life, city, month, hero, woman, mouse, schoolgirl, box, house, night, scissors, physics, goods, people, letter.

№2 Make Plural:

Language, fly, watch, thief, mass, key, factory, roof, shelf, tooth, postman, sister-in-law, tree, sailor, train, money, hair, vacation, news, magazine, handkerchief.

№3 Make Plural:

Clock, country, bush, company, wolf, box, day, colony, man, goose, son-in-law, text-book, story, steamer, sheep, lion, clothes, spectacles, knowledge, office, sugar.

№4 Make Plural:

Eye, bus, party, Negro, glass, half, play, journey, foot, child, fisherman, pocket-knife, speech, wall, love, progress, trousers, advice, phonetics, actress

№5 Make Singular or Plural of the Noun:

1. All the (house) had different coloured (roof).  2. It was autumn, and the (leaf) were falling.   3. Did you make these (handkerchief)?  4. We use several (process) for painting the (car). 5. They have some (chicken) and few (sheep).  6. They visited several (disco) that night.  7. I’ve read her (book), but I haven’t seen any of her (play).

№6 Make Singular or Plural of the Noun:

1. There aren’t any dangerous wild (animals) in England.  2. Our firm does (business) with many (country) of the world.  3. We’ve got much (information) from our (friend) in the United States. 4. Would you bring (bottle) and some (glass), please? 5. We cut the cake into (half). 6. We bought some (tomato) to eat with our (sandwich). 7. They caught several (fish) that afternoon.

№7 Put the verb in a right form:

1. Where (be) my spectacles? 2. My sister’s hair (be) very long. 3. Bad news (have) wings. 4. Mathematics (be) the basis of many other sciences. 5. Men (be) at the stadium. 6. Money (be) not everything. 7. The clothes (be) in the wardrobe. 8. A lot of shops (be) open on Sundays. 9. The United States (have) signed an agreement with our country.

№8 Find the mistake and correct it:

1. Physics are my favourite subject. 2. My friend told me two good news about our school. 3. I prefer fishes to meat. 4. His jeans is rather old and dirty. 5. Don’t be afraid to ask your teacher for an advice  on this matter.6. Julia washes her hairs every day. 7. When they were childs, they lived in the village. 8. There are no money in my purse.9. We saw a cartoon about cats and mouses. 10. Fresh fruits and  vegetables provide vitamins.

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