Открытый урок в 7 классе по теме "Solar System"
план-конспект урока по английскому языку (7 класс) на тему

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Предварительный просмотр:

Подписи к слайдам:

Слайд 1

The Moon is made of silver The Sun is made of gold Jupiter is made of tin So the ancients told Venus is made of copper Saturn is made of lead And Mars is made of iron So the ancients told But what the Earth is made of Very long ago The ancients never told us Because they did not know

Слайд 2


Слайд 3

Galaxy Solar system Planet The Sun The Earth Satellite Turn around Spaceship Alien KEY WORDS

Слайд 5

Group I The Sun What is the sun? What does it consist of? Why does the sun seem to be so big but the other stars don’t? What do we need the sun for? Is the sun the biggest star in the Universe? Group II The Moon What is the moon? What does it consist of? Why is the moon important for ships? What can you see on the moon if you look at it through a telescope? Is there any life on the moon? Why? Group III The Earth Is the earth a planet or a star? What makes the earth wonderful? Can you see and feel that our earth is turning all the time? Why does night change to day on the earth?

Слайд 7

Mercury Venus Earth Mars Jupiter Saturn Uranus Neptune Pluto Use the adjectives: Far Near Beautiful Big Small Tiny Huge Interesting Lovely Hot Bright Cold Wet Wonderful

Слайд 8


Слайд 9


Слайд 10

Cosmic quiz 2 Choose the right statement. 1)The moon is a great star. the earth's satellite. a comet. 2)The sun is a big star. a planet. the moon's satellite.

Слайд 11

3) The earth turns around the moon. the sun. another planet. 4) The largest planet of our solar system is Mars Jupiter. Saturn 5) We can't live without sunshine because... the sun gives warmth and light. it keeps the earth cold. the sun gives water.

Слайд 12

6) In the centre of our Solar system there is The sun The Milky Way The comet 7)The first person in space was an American man a Russian man an English man 8) The first woman in space was from America Italy Russia

Предварительный просмотр:

“ Solar System ”

Урок в 7 классе

Тема урока: “Солнечная система”

Цели и задачи урока:

  • Совершенствование произносительных, лексических, грамматических навыков.
  • Развитие умения выбирать в тексте основную информацию при чтении и прослушивании текстов.
  • Развитие любознательности, воспитание стремления познавать окружающий мир.

Учебные пособия и оборудование:

  • Учебник “Opportunity pre-intermediate”
  • Раздаточный материал.
  • Диск  для аудирования.
  • Использование ИКТ

План-конспект урока.

  1. Greeting ( Приветствие)

  1. Introduction (Организационный момент).

СЛАЙД 1                                                                        S1 recites a poem about planets.                                        СЛАЙД 2        

T- I didn’t accidentally start with the poem about the planets. Our today’s lesson I would like to devote to the solar system. We are going to speak about the Sun, the Moon, the Earth and many other interesting things. During the lesson and at the end of it we’ll have some quizzes to check and fix your knowledge.  If we have time we’ll make a project work.

III       Vocabulary .To make it easier to understand each other let’s start with new words. Some of them are familiar to you.                                         СЛАЙД 3


  • Galaxy
  • Solar system
  • Planet
  • Sun
  • Moon
  • Satellite
  • Turn around
  • Alien
  • Spaceship
  • UFO

      IV          Solar system. What is it? I asked S2 to prepare information about it.

                СЛАЙД 4

          V         Reading .    To get more detailed information let’s work with the  texts. Your group is divided into 3 subgroups. Here are three different texts for each group. Read the text and be ready to answer the questions in 3-4 min.

                 СЛАЙД 5

          VI    Listening I    Now, open your books pg. 115. ex. 1 Key words: In space. Listen to the speaker and repeat after her.                                         СЛАЙД 6 

                    Cosmic quiz. Read the questions and choose the correct answer. Now, listen to the cosmic quiz and check your answers.

                    How many mistakes have you done?

          VII           Grammar exercises. (Degrees of comparison of adjectives).Look at the screen, use the adjectives to compare the planets.                                СЛАЙД 7


    VIII   Discussion.  Every year, thousands of people say that they see strange lights in the sky. Many people think that these lights are spaceships- “flying saucers”- from other planets. Do you think there is life on other planets? Do spaceships come to earth? (Show the slide)                                        СЛАЙД 8, 9

                   S 1______________



                   If aliens exist in the world what do they look like?  May be like this one?

 (Show the slide)




          IX        Listening II   Scientists are trying to discover if there is life on other planets. Listen about what they are doing. How many things can you count?

 (they are sending radio messages into space, listening to the radio signals , building very powerful telescopes, receiving photos from space.)

          X        Project work. Each group gets a personal task.

          XI        Cosmic quiz II. Look at the screen. Read the question and choose the right answer. СЛАЙД 10, 11, 12

          XII          Summing up the results of the lesson.

        What did we do during the lesson? What new information have we got?

        Thank you very much for the lesson.

Предварительный просмотр:

The Sun.

What can you see when you look at the sky in the morning? You can see the sun. The sun is a great bright star. The Sun consists mainly of fire and contains nothing solid inside. The stars are very like our Sun. They are also made of fire. Like the Sun, stars are huge balls of fire. Many of them are even bigger than the Sun. The Sun is simply nearer to us. That's why it seems big and why it is bright and hot. But the stars are much further away from us than the Sun. That's why their light is weak and they emanate no warmth.

The sun gives warmth and light to people, animals, birds, insects and plants. It keeps the earth warm. Without sunshine nothing will grow in the world.

Why does night change to day on the earth? There is air and space around the earth. Sunshine passes through space and

air but not through the earth. One side of the earth which turned to the Sun has day. The other side has night. The earth turns all the time and day changes to night.

The Moon.

   When you look at the sky at night you can see the moon. The moon is our nearest neighbour. That's why it's called the Earth's satellite. Gravity on the moon is much weaker than on earth, but the moon helps to make tides. This is because the moon’s gravity pulls the water.  The Moon is a sphere, it is solid, cold and made of rock like the Earth. The Moon does not shine. During the day, it is very, very hot, but at night it is very, very cold.  We always see the same side of the moon which is turned to the Sun, because the moon turns around at the same speed as it goes around the Earth. If we look at the moon through a telescope, we can see mountains and plains on it. But there are no people or trees there because there is no air or water on the moon.

The Earth.

      The earth is a planet which moves around the sun and gets light from it. It is turning all the time, but we cannot see or feel it. If you look down at the earth from a plane, you will see how wonderful our planet is. You will see blue rivers, lakes, seas and oceans. You will see high snowy mountains and hills. You will see green forests and fields.

        The sun shines on the earth, the rain falls on it, the wind blows on it.

There is more water on the earth than anything else, more water than land, forests and mountains. Nothing can live without water, air and the sun.

The earth is the only planet in our Solar System where there is life. In the woods there live different animals and birds. The rivers, lakes and seas are full of big and small sea animals and fish. Wonderful plants, trees and flowers grow on the earth. The world around us is wonderful. There are many interesting things.

The stars are very like our Sun. They are also made of fire. Like the Sun, stars are huge balls of fire. Many of them are even bigger than the Sun. The Sun is simply nearer to us. That's why it seems big and why it is bright and hot. But the stars are much further away from us than the Sun. That's why their light is weak and they emanate no warmth.

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