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    Олимпиада "Знаток иностранного языка" 6 класс
    олимпиадные задания по английскому языку (6 класс) на тему

    Лапыгина Анастасия Владимировна

    Олимпиадные задания для учащихся 6 классов


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    Управление образования администрации г. Соликамска.

    МБУ "Центр информационно- методического сопровождения образования"

    Муниципальное  автономное  образовательное учреждение

    дополнительного образования

    «Центр творческого развития и гуманитарного образования «РОСТ»


    618547, Пермский край, г. Соликамск, ул. Транспортная, д. 27

    Тел. 8 (34 253) 4 – 00 – 61       rost5solkam@mail.ru

     Олимпиада по английскому языку

    «Знаток иностранного языка»

    для обучающихся 6-х классов

    образовательных организаций территорий Верхнекамья.

    F:\рабочие документы\2016-17\логотип.png

    г. Соликамск, 2018

    Дорогой друг. Ты получил замечательную возможность поучаствовать в олимпиаде по английскому языку. Внимательно познакомься с заданиями, хорошо подумай. При необходимости воспользуйся черновиком. Все ответы следует вносить в лист ответов. Нам будет приятно, если твоя работа будет аккуратной. Надеемся, задания олимпиады покажутся интересными и нетрудными. Желаем удачи!

    Task 1. Listen to the four speakers talking about school and school subjects. Match the speakers (1-4) with the sentences (A-D)

    Speaker 1                           a) this person likes Music best of all.

    Speaker 2                           b) this person’s friend is good at Art.

    Speaker 3        c) this person finds it difficult to write in English.

    Speaker 4        d) this person likes to spend time with his friends.

    Task 2.  Match the question words and the answers.

    1. What?                                             a. Last summer
    2. Why?                                               b. George
    3. When?                                            c.He is 18.
    4. Where?                                           d. $ 16.99           
    5. Which?                                            e. Because I don’t have a car.       
    6. How?                                                f. Once a month.
    7. How much?                                     g. In Sochi.
    8. How old?                                          h. The green one.
    9. How often?                                      i. A cup of coffee.
    10. Who?                                                j. By train.

    Task 3.  Find the animals hiding in the following sentences.

                     Example Close the door at once! (rat).

    1. That will be a real help.

    2. She came late every day.

     3. She clothes naked babies.

    4. Eric owes me ten cents.

    5. We made errors in each one.

    6. Is it the sixth or seventh?

    Task 4 Guess the proverb and translate it: 2584 31 72464 924 24069 31.

    I’m her brother, and she is my … - 131946

    My father’s wife is my … - 859246

    My brother’s son is my … - N4P247

    Mother and father are my … - P064N91

    Task 5 Read the text and do the exercise after it.

    The Rich Man and the Gold

    There was once a very rich man. He had three cars and two houses and many other things.

    One day he said, «I am getting old. I’m going to sell everything and buy a big piece of gold. »

    He sold his houses and his cars and everything and he bought a very big piece of gold. He dug a hole near a tree, and he put the piece of gold into the hole. «No one will find my gold here», he said.

    Every day he went back and dug up the gold. He looked at it and said, «Good! My gold is there». Then he put the gold back into the hole and put the earth back on top of it.

    But one day there was a man behind the tree. He was a thief and he was asleep. The rich man didn’t see the thief. He dug up the gold and looked at it. «Good! » he said, «My gold is there». The thief woke up and looked round the tree. «What is the man putting into the hole? » he thought. «I’m going to find out». The rich man put the gold back into the hole and went away. Then the thief went to the hole and dug up the gold. «A big piece of gold! » he said. «It’s my gold now. I am a rich man. » He ran off with the gold and never came back.

    The next day the first man came back and began to dig. He dug and he dug but he did not find the gold. «My gold is not here», he said. «I am not a rich man now. I have no gold! » and he began to cry. Then he went home and told one of his friends. His friend said, «Don’t cry. Here is a big stone. Take it and put it in the hole. Then every day you can go and dig it up and look at it».  A piece of gold in a hole is no better than a stone.

    Exercise. Choose the correct answer.

    1. At the beginning of the story the rich man had.......( two cars, a bicycle, a horse, two houses, three cars, a boat , a cow)
    2. The rich man decided to sell......( nothing, everything, only a cow, only a horse)
    3. The man bought a big piece of gold and put it into........( his desk, his pocket, the hole in the ground , his suitcase)
    4. One day the rich man became poor because......( he lost his gold, the thief took his gold, his friends took his gold and sold it)
    5. One of his friends advised him...... (to put a big stone in the hole and look at it, to buy another piece of gold and put it in another place, to cry all day, to ask other people for help)

    Task 6  Find and correct the mistakes

    1. I wont tell abaut my perents.
    2. My Mummy fourty-eiht, she are a ticher of  the Englich at the Univercity.
    3. My Dad is fivty, he is a painter.
    4. My perents to like they work veri much.
    5. I love my perents and their love me.

    Task 7. Put the verbs in brackets in the correct form.

    Dear Thomas!

    I haven’t heard from you for two weeks. How are you? We __1___________(just come) back home from London. I __2_____________(never be) to London before. We ____3_________(spend) three wonderful days there. We visited a lot of interesting places.  At this time yesterday we _4_____________(ride) the London Eye.  It was cool. I liked it better than the Natural History Museum.

    Will you come to spend a weekend with us? I __5__________(tell) you all about the trip.

    Today I ___6________(have) my music lesson. I must ___7_____________(practise)  a Beethoven sonata now. I must finish the letter.

    Please write to me soon.

    Best wishes,


    Task 8  Do you know the flowers? Try to find the right translation.

    1. bluebell
    1. подснежник
    1. snowdrop
    1. василёк
    1. poppy
    1. нарцисс
    1. forget-me-not
    1. колокольчик
    1. cornflower
    1. маргаритка
    1. daffodil
    1. мак
    1. carnation
    1. незабудка
    1. sunflower
    1. подсолнух
    1. pansy
    1. анютины глазки
    1. daisy
    1. гвоздика

    Task 9.  Insert prepositions of time (in, on, at)

    1. Was Easter ____ May last year?
    2. I usually come home ___ three o’clock.
    3. I usually take a shower ____ the evening.
    4. He was born ___ the fifth of June.
    5. The first lesson ___Wednesday is Music.
    6. We have New Year____the first of January.
    7. We are going to meet ___ half past three.
    8. The telephone rang ___ midnight.

    Task 10. Choose the right answer.

    1. Who was the first woman Prime Minister of Great Britain?

    a) Churchill                 b) Thatcher                 c) Blair         d) Brown

    2. Who wrote a popular book about Harry Potter?

    a) J. Rowling         b) J. Tolkien         c) R. Dahl                 d) A. Lindgren

    3. … is famous for the novel about Robinson Crusoe.

    a) Agatha Christie                 b) Conan Doyle                 

    c) Mark Twain                 d) Daniel Defoe

    4. What is English marmalade?

    a) sweets                 b) apple jam         c) orange jam         d) candied fruit

    5. The Stonehenge is in…

    a) Northern Ireland        b) Wales        c) Scotland                 d) England

    Task 11 Write  the couples of well-known people.

    1. Tristan

    a) Josephine

    2. Romeo

    b) Lyudmila

    3. Tom Sawyer

    c) Gerda

    4. Adam

    d) Eurydice

    5. Napoleon

    e) Jane

    6. Ruslan

    f) Juliet

    7. Prince        

    g) Becky Thatcher

    8. Tarzan

    h) Isolde

    9. Orpheus

    i) Cinderella

    10. Kay

    j) Eve

    Task 12  Are these facts true (T) or false (F)

    1. The Kama River  begins in Solikamsk.
    2. “Khokhlovka” is the museum of unique stone buildings of the 17th-19th centuries.
    3. The population of Berezniki is bigger than the population of Solikamsk.
    4. The Chusovaya River is as long as the Vishera River.
    5. The Chusovaya River is connected with well-known figures of Russian history (Ermak, Stroganov, Demidov, Emelyan Pugachev).

    Task 13  Make plurals

    a bed                                

    a boy                                

    a shelf                         

    a dress                         

    a puppy                            

    a child _____________

    a woman                         

    a foot                                    

    a potato                  

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