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    Конспект урока. Тема:"Following fashion or style "
    методическая разработка по английскому языку (10 класс) по теме

    Александрова Мария Анатольевна

    Дискуссия по теме "Мода".  Обсуждаются актуальные вопросы о моде и стиле.


    Файл fashion_and_style.docx18.05 КБ

    Предварительный просмотр:

    1. Look at the photos.
    • Are they stylish?
    • Are they fashionable?
    • Are these styles for you?
    1. What does to be stylish and fashionable for you?

    Agree or disagree with the statements. (Rise your hands)

    • I try to look stylish.
    • I’m interested in brand names.
    • I don’t care about fashion.
    • I try to express my individuality.
    • I know a lot of the latest trends.

    Some of you think about fashion and style, others believe it isn’t important. How do you think what the topic  of our lesson is? ( Following Fashion and style).

    You’re right. This issue is closer to you. Every day you think what to wear. Is it fashionable, stylish, modern?  Let’s discuss what is important to you to follow style or fashion. What is style and fashion?

    1. Look at the saying Fashion influences style. You should agree or disagree with the saying. Explain your reasons.

    1. You’ve got different opinions. Sometimes it’s difficult to decide what on the first place is fashion or style. Who thinks that style is on the first place?

    (On the blackboard: fashion, style)

    Choose a card. On the card you can see a letter.  Who has the letter “s” it’s the first group. Who has the letter “F” it’s the second group.  Please, sit in groups according to your cards.

    1. Watch the video and try to find some evidence what style is, what fashion is.  What does style express? What does fashion express?

     You’ll have a min. to discuss and write down your ideas on the papers, and then present them.

    (style) – it is changeable, it shows different epochs, it is varied, personal  preferences.

    (fashion) – it shows style life, types of music, design, behavior.

    Well done.

    1.  In pairs Match the beginnings of the quotes with their endings.
    1. Yves Saint Laurent “Fashion fade,…
    1. … style is eternal”.

    1. 2. Coco Chanel “Fashion is not something that exists in dress only. …
    1. … Fashion is in the sky, in the street, fashion has to do with ideas, the way we live, what is happening”.

    1. Lauren Hutton “ Fashion is what you’re offered four times a year by designers. …
    1. . … Style is what you choose”.
    1. Stendal “ Only great minds…
    1. … afford a simple style”.

    1. Edwin Hubbel “ Fashion is the science of appearances,…
    1. …and it inspires one with the desire to seem rather than to be”.

     Read the quotes. Use the information to complete your clusters.  What is common? We can say fashion makes style.

    1.  Look at the clusters and try to give the definition of the word style (fashion)

    Let’s compare our definitions with the definitions in the dictionary.  Our definitions are full.  We’ve made definitions from the point of view of a particular person. We know these words in all details.

    1. Now we are the specialists. We know what fashion is and style.  Let’s play the game which can help us to understand different points of view on fashion and style of people who are in fashion industry to show what is important to follow style or fashion.


    You should present a character according to the task.

    You should control your speech. You should think what to say and how to say. Try to avoid …

    Choose a card.  You’ve got 3 minutes to prepare and then we’ll start.

    Thank you. The discussion was great.  It was interesting to listen to you.  The content was revealed. You’ve reached a goal. But you’ve made some mistakes. Try to avoid Russian words during the discussion. Don’t miss the verbs. Remember how we use ps. Try to find the right words to describe smth. Should control your speech.

    1. Thank you for the game. As a result of our work we’ll write a sequin. You should write it to show a person who you’ve presented in the game. Let’s remember how to write it.
    2. Let’s assess our work.
    3. Self-assessment

    Read each statement and tick.


    partly agree


    I speak up and express my thoughts and ideas clearly with respect for others.

    I was purposeful

    I’ve  succeed  in performing

    I’ve succeed in interaction

    I listen to each other and catch the main ideas

    Are you satisfied with your work? (write down some words)

    Who agrees with all statements?....

    1.  H/w Free writing. What is important for you to follow fashion or style.

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