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    методическая разработка по английскому языку (9 класс)

    Лексика является важнейшим компонентом яыкового материалаю В ходе подготовки к экзаменам, олимпиадам и конкурсам нами были разработаны упражнения, способствующие запоминанию лексики с практическим применением знаний по словообразованию, поиском синонимов и перефразом. Предлагаем Вашему вниманию эти наработки.


    Предварительный просмотр:

    The Count and The Wedding Guest

    1. a boarder/to board/ a boarding-house
    2. plain=simple/to simplify/simplicity
    3. to introduce smb to smb/introduction
    4. a veil
    5. death/dead/deadly/die
    6. alone=/lonely=/solitary/single
    7. to come to an end
    8. to have one’s company
    9. a count/countess
    10. to take an interest in smb
    11. fine-looking=good-looking=pleasant (good looks)
    12. in spite of/despite smth
    13. to invite/invitation
    14. to be present/in one’s presence
    15. to marry/marriage
    16. to photograph/ a photo(gragh) /a photographer/ photography
    17. to lie/a liar
    18. to die for shame
    19. shameful/shameless/ashamed of
    20. to put one’s arms about/to hug/to embrace smb
    21. beauty/ to beautify/beautiful

    Word Formation

    1. The new _____________was a small and simple girl. BOARD
    2. Andy forgot her immediately after the __________________. INTRODUCE
    3. The problem is complicated, don’t _________________ it. SIMPLE
    4. The girl was ____________ of herself because she had told a lie. SHAME
    5. She asked the ____________ to sell her a photo of a man. PHOTOGRAPH
    6. He was touched by her ______________. SIMPLE
    7. Her lie was impudent and ______________. SHAME
    8. _____________is my hobby that’s why I have a lot of photos. PHOTOGRAPH
    9. She admitted to being a ____________ at once. LIE
    10. All girls talked about love and ____________. MARRY
    11. In his ____________ she became shy and silent. PRESENT
    12. Later he received an ______________ to their wedding. INVITE
    13. Her face had a___________paleness. DEAD
    14. The __________ of her close friend made alone in the world. DIE

    Match the synonyms

    1. simple
    1. Dangerous, causing death, looking like death
    1. deadly
    1. Scandalous, disgraceful
    1. To put one’s arms about
    1. To make less complicated
    1. shameful
    1. plain
    1. shameless
    1. Impudent, unscrupulous
    1. alone
    1. To make more attractive
    1. To simplify
    1. To hug, to embrace
    1. To beautify
    1. Lonely, solitary

    Match the words with their opposites

    1. simplicity
    1. To tell the truth
    1. To begin
    1. life
    1. absence
    1. To come to an end
    1. To lie
    1. divorce
    1. death
    1. complexity
    1. marriage
    1. honour
    1. shame
    1. many
    1. solitary
    1. presence

    Предварительный просмотр:

    Words on Girl by O Henry

    1. to make a sign of silence
    2. to move (movement, moving=touching, movable)
    3. necessary (necessarily, to need, necessity)
    4. a sleuth= a detective
    5. to give smb a friendly look
    6. to be dressed in good taste
    7. to take no notice of smth
    8. to blush=to redden in the face
    9. to exclaim (exclamation)
    10. to see smb on business (busy, busily)
    11. to turn smb out=to send smb away
    12. to promise on one’s word of honor
    13. honour=respect, to feel honored to do smth, honorable

    Word Formation

    1. She wanted to see him on _______________. BUSY
    2. When Maggie saw her friend she gave out a loud sound of ____________________. EXCLAIM
    3. They were walking across the meadow when suddenly a man made a sign of ___________. SILENT
    4. My father doesn’t think that acting is an ________________ profession. HONOUR
    5. The _____________ to get a good cook made him hire a sleuth. NECESSARY
    6. Her _______________were light and graceful. MOVE
    7. The man turned around and gave the girl a ___________ look. FRIEND

    Paraphrase the following using from two to five words including the word given in bold.

    1.You must turn the other girl out.

    The other girl __________________________out. be

    2.He didn’t notice the letter on the table.

    He __________________________________ the letter on the table. of

    3.They gave her a word of honour, promising to arrive on time.

    They promised ____________________honour to arrive on time. on

    4.She looked at me in a friendly way.

    She gave ____________________.look

    5. He wanted him to be silent giving a sign.

    He made _________________ to him. silence

    6.She has good taste and is dressed well.

    She is dressed ____________________taste. in

    7.This part of the furniture can be moved.

    This part of the _________________________.is

    Предварительный просмотр:

     SCHOOLS and SCHOOLS by O Henry

    1. to walk for one’s health
    2. to adopt a son/ an adopted child, adoption
    3. an artist, art, artistic, artistically, artificial
    4. a little way from smth/not far away/near/next to
    5. to introduce some difficulties, difficult, to have difficulty doing smth/to do smth with difficulty
    6. to hear of/from smb
    7. the only child
    8. a hypotenuse of this triangle
    9. a messenger/ to send/ to take/to get a message
    10. in the left-hand corner of the envelope
    11. attentively, attention/attentiveness/ consideration, to attend to one’s chores
    12. to raise a child/ to bring smb up, moral up-bringing
    13. to be sure/ to be convinced, to make sure, to assure
    14. to have a good time
    15. to send a note/to drop smb a line
    16. to paddle a canoe/ to row/ to work with an oar
    17. to address, an address/ an addressee
    18. by means of=with the help of steam
    19. to button/to unbutton, a button
    20. to be alike=to be similar to smth, likeness=a similarity
    21. to be of great help
    22. the snow lay a foot deep, to lie lay lain, a layer
    23. to lay laid laid
    24. right away=immediately
    25. to witness
    26. thoughtful, a thought, to think
    27. nerve. to get on one’s nerves., nervous(ly)
    28. word for word=literally, in other words

    Предварительный просмотр:

    Vocabulary test on stories by O.Henry

    Match the words and their synonyms or definitions

    1. A stain
    1. To put
    1. To send a note
    1. Thoughtful of others
    1. To lay
    1. energy
    1. By means of
    1. A spot
    1. considerate
    1. To die because of lack of food
    1. nerve
    1. To drop a line
    1. Word for word
    1. With the help of
    1. To infuriate
    1. A sharp sound
    1. To starve
    1. To make angry
    1. A siren
    1. literally

    Fill in a suitable word

    1. He was a draftsman and there were always some _________ on his hands.
    2. He was infuriated and __________ his fists to shake them in her face.
    3. The draft was drawn in __________ so it could be rubbed out or inked later.
    4. They lived a little way _________ the studio and often visited him.
    5. He felt sorry for the girl and put his arms ______ her to comport her.

    Choose the right item to complete the sentence.

    1. She was embarrassed and blushed/flashed/reddened.
    2. I felt respected/honoured/honorable to fulfill this important task .
    3. During the war people died of famine/hunger/starvation.
    4. Finally they decided to adapt/adopt/adjust the stray animal and give it a shelter.
    5. The draftsmen often use fresh/hard/stale/stain bead instead of an Indian rubber.
    6. Despite/in spite/though of being poor she was proud and could defend herself.
    7. The painter said the perspective/prospect/view was not good in the picture.
    8. It’s difficult to raise/ rise/bring up children alone without a family.
    9. At first you should draw in a plain/simple/uncomplicated pencil, then use ink.
    10. The lie was impudent and shameful/shameless/ashamed.

    Word formation

    1. I can’t deliver the letter, as there’s no name of the ______________ here. ADDRESS
    2. The family lived in _____________ and hardly could make ends meet. POOR
    3. There was a ___________ wind, which almost tore off our clothes. FURY
    4. The sleuth was silent waiting for the _______________. EXPLAIN
    5. He was a ______________man with  a nice smile. MANNER
    6. We took a ___________in the results of the test as they were excellent. PROUD
    7. She works in a local __________ and can make tasty pies and rolls. BAKE
    8. To succeed in this work you just need accuracy and ______________. ATTEND
    9. The portrait seems to _____________her appearance. BEAUTY
    10. The _________________of the language of the book makes it attractive. SIMPLE
    11. He had to change the jobs out of _______________. NECESSARY
    12. She struggled with the buttons in vain but failed to ______________the dress. BUTTON
    13. Miss Brown is a spinster, she has never been ______________. MARRY
    14. The _______________ between the two twins was really amazing. LIKE
    15. There are certain ____________ and differences between these two pictures. SIMILAR
    16. Suddenly he got ___________ and blushed. NERVE
    17. He ___________the girl that she was safe as he would help her. SURE
    18. Taking into ______________ everything mentioned above, I agree. CONSIDER
    19. He was badly wounded in his knee and walked with ______________. DIFFICULT
    20. Scientists are working hard to create an____________ intellect to compete with humans. ART

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