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    Итоговая работа для 6 класса
    учебно-методический материал по английскому языку (6 класс)

    Фазлахметова Елена Дмитриевна

    Итоговая работа для 6 класса с аудированием


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    Listening Task 1                                                                6 класс итоговая работа

    Прослушай и выбери правильные варианты ответов (A/B/C). 


    1) What will William drink with his breakfast?

    https://u.foxford.ngcdn.ru/uploads/radio_button_answer/file/395669/56bdbf903a785f42.jpghttps://u.foxford.ngcdn.ru/uploads/radio_button_answer/file/395670/b595d970f9157c8f.jpghttps://u.foxford.ngcdn.ru/uploads/radio_button_answer/file/395668/819a4e7c618dd15e.jpgA                                        B                                        C

    2) Where is William's History book?

    https://u.foxford.ngcdn.ru/uploads/radio_button_answer/file/395672/2ca3f731cecda896.jpghttps://u.foxford.ngcdn.ru/uploads/radio_button_answer/file/395673/05c85a5f9298d2cd.jpg       A                                       B           C


    3) What homework did William have?

           A                                        B                                        C


    4) Which shorts will William take to football practice?

           A                                                B                                C


    5) What time will William see the dentist?

    https://u.foxford.ngcdn.ru/uploads/radio_button_answer/file/395680/2cf97e91664aa00a.jpgA                                B                                C



    Прочитай текст и выполни три задания.

     Who Is J.K. Rowling?

    https://fu.ngcdn.ru/uploads/tinymce_image/image/57475/22a97971c0397a45.jpgJ.K. Rowling is the author of the Harry Potter books. J.K.'s name is Joanne Kathleen. She was born in 1965 in a small town near Bristol, England. Joanne lived with her parents and her sister. The Rowling family was not rich. Joanne did not go to special schools. She was a quiet child. She loved to read and write stories. Joanne went to Exeter University, and she finished in 1987. She worked in different offices. In her free time, she wrote more stories.

    In 1990, Joanne's mother died. Joanne was sad, and she wanted to leave England. She saw a job in the newspaper for an English teacher. The job was in Portugal. She had an interview, and she got the job. In Portugal, Joanne married a Portuguese man. The next year, Joanne had a daughter, but she was not happy in her marriage. She left Portugal with her daughter and went to live in Edinburgh, Scotland, near her sister.

    Life was very difficult for Joanne. She took care of her daughter. She was alone, and nobody helped her. She had no money and no job. She lived in a small apartment and began to write stories again. Joanne first thought about the Harry Potter story many years ago on a train. Joanne liked to go to a coffee shop to write. She sat there for many hours. She drank coffee and wrote. Her daughter slept beside her.

    After five years, Joanne finished writing the first Harry Potter book. She sent it to many book publishers. They all said that they didn't like it. Finally, a publisher liked it, but the publisher said, "This is a children's book. Adults won't read it. You won’t make a lot of money." In 1997, Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone was in the bookstores. J.K. Rowling was very happy. Her dream to publish her book came true. The book was famous all over the world.

    Now Harry Potter is in forty-two languages. The publisher was wrong about one thing: Everyone loves Harry Potter — children and adults.


    1) Match the sentences with the missing words.

    a) J.K. Rowling is an _______. She writes books.

    b) Joanne was not a noisy child. She was _______.

    c) Joanne went to regular, ordinary school. She didn't go to _______ schools.

    d) Children like "Harry Potter", adults like "Harry Potter", too. People of all ages like "Harry Potter"!

    e) Joanne lived _______. She didn't live with another person.

    f) Joanne had a meeting about a new job. She had an _______.







    2) Put the events into order (1 - what happened first, 5 - what happened last).

    a) Joanne became an English teacher in Portugal

    b) Joanne came back to England and started writing stories again

    c) Joanne worked in different offices but in her free time she wrote stories

    d) Now “Harry Potter” is famous all over the world.

    e) Joanne wrote “Harry Potter”, and one publisher liked it.

    3) Tick (v) the sentences that are TRUE.

    1. Joanne was an English teacher in Portugal.
    2. Joanne married an English man in Portugal.
    3. Joanne left her daughter in Portugal.
    4. Joanne finished writing the first book of "Harry Potter" after five years.
    5. Every publisher liked her book.
    6. "Harry Potter" is in forty-two languages.

    Grammar 1

    Прочитай текст и поставь глаголы в скобках в Past Simple. Обрати внимание на пример.




    Katy and Ann  _____ (go) to stay with their cousin, David, who lives on an island.

                                            Answer: went

    Katy and Ann went to stay with their cousin, David, who lives on an island. They 

     (want) to see the whales which visited there just once a year. On the second day, David’s dad (take) the children down to the beach to look for whales. The children  (be) very excited. They (wait) for a long time, but no whales (come). Then the weather (get) foggy so they went home. They (do) this for three days but they didn’t see any whales. On the fifth day, they  (try) again. They (sit) on some rocksin the sun. Katy said, “It doesn’t matter if we don’t see any whalesbecause I’m so happy!”Then Katy started singing. After a few minutes, several whales appeared. David’s dad shouted, “Look! They heard you sing and they are coming to listen! I don’t believe it.” The animals (come) very near to them. But when Katy (stop) singing they (swim) away again while the children waved goodbye.

    Choose the best name for the story.

    1. The ship and the whales
    2. The day the whales arrived
    3. Some whales sing a song

    Grammar 2

    https://fu.ngcdn.ru/uploads/tinymce_image/image/57485/5ebc96b032612498.jpgПрочитай и выбери подходящие варианты, чтобы дополнить предложения.

    Tigers and lions are (both/same) big cats. Tigers are (lager/largest) than lions. They can weigh up to 420 kg. They need (much/many) meat because they are so large. They both can run (fast/fastly). Tigers and lions both have very (strong/strogly) teeth and muscular bodies. Tigers (usually/hardly ever) hunt at night. They are night animals. Lions (never/often) hunt at night, too. But they (always/sometimes) hunt in the daytime. There (is/are)  different hunting strategies lions use to hunt together. Tigers do it alone. There (isn’t/aren’t) many tigers left in the wild. They are endangered. We should help them.


    Сопоставь слова с определениями.

    1. get married
    2. talkative
    3. unkind
    4. gymnastics
    5. baseball
    6. elevator
    7. wardrobe
    8. stairs
    1. A sport in which athletes do acrobatic exercises
    2. Become husband and wife
    3. America English for “lift”
    4. A ball game played between two teams, especially popular in the US and Canada
    5. Not thinking about other people’s feelings
    6. Fond of talking
    7. Something you can use to go upstairs
    8. A piece of furniture where you keep your clothes

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