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    Итоговая работа для 8 класса
    учебно-методический материал по английскому языку (8 класс)

    Фазлахметова Елена Дмитриевна

    Итоговая работа для 8 класса с аудированием


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    Предварительный просмотр:

    https://fu.ngcdn.ru/uploads/tinymce_image/image/67598/3e787333f243c1b0.pngListening 1. School Clubs

    Listen to Angelina talking to her mum about school clubs. Which clubs do her friends go to?
    Choose the clubs for each speaker. You will hear the conversation twice.

    Amanda …                                a) science

    Sonya …                                b) chess

    Lucy …                                c) dance

    Molly …                                d) book

    Ella …                                e) music

    Katrina…                                 f) photography
    Listening2. Cooking

    https://fu.ngcdn.ru/uploads/tinymce_image/image/67599/a165e037667cf10a.jpgListen to Tom talking to his mum while they cook dinner. To answer the questions tick the correct option. You will hear the conversation twice.

    Look at the example:

    1.Which bottle does Tom’s mum want?

    1. the brown one
    2. the yellow one.
    3. the green one

    2.Which vegetables does Tom need from the fridge?

    1. carrots and onions
    2. onions and peppers
    3. carrots and peppers

    3.Tom’s mum asks him to turn the cooker on to

    1. 190 degrees.
    2. 200 degrees.
    3. 220 degrees.

    4.What are Tom and his mum going to have with the vegetables?

    1. sausages
    2. chicken
    3. fish

    5.How long will the dish take to cook?

    1. 15 minutes
    2. 25 minutes
    3. 40 minutes

    6.While the dish is cooking, Tom will

    1. wash up.
    2. make a dessert.
    3. go on the computer.

    Friends' chat

    Complete the telephone conversation between two friends.  What does Mary say to Tom? Read the conversation and for each question choose the best answer.

    1. You don't need to. We can use mine.
    2. https://u.foxford.ngcdn.ru/uploads/questions/file/139904/b7ebcf481bfe474d.jpgThe Internet. Why don't you соme round? I'll show you. 
    3. Well, I'll help if I can, Tom!
    4. Miss Grange said about а thousand.
    5. Of course, it is. How about tomorrow evening? 
    6. No, it wasn't, but I can send you the website.
    7. I almost have. I did most of it last week.
    8. Yes, we all did. She said 300.


    T: Hi Mary. I don't understand the instructions for our space travel project!

    1M: …

    T: Thanks. Have you already finished yours?

    2M: …

    T: That's good. How mаny words do we have to write? I can't remember.

    3M: …

    T: That's а lot! Where did you get your information from?

    4M: …

    T: Are you sure that's OK?

    5M: …

    T: Yes, I can come then. Shall I bring the textbooks too?

    6M: …

    T: Thanks, Mary!


    Read the text and fill in the gaps with the grammatically correct form of the words given in capital letters. Use one space to separate the words.


    Jeff was going to be late for his morning class again. He NOT/UNDERSTAND why it happened to him so often. This was going to be the THREE time in one week and that was too much even for Mrs Smith. She was the KIND teacher in the world but Jeff wasn’t sure that she would forgive him again.

    “If I don’t invent a very good excuse, she CALL my parents.” Jeff thought.

    His parents NOT/BE very strict people but they didn’t approve of Jeff’s habit of playing computer games till late at night. As a result, he couldn’t make HE get up in the morning and was regularly late for school. Jeff quietly opened the door and GO into the classroom. His classmates WRITE something in their notepads and didn’t pay any attention to him.

    Mrs Smith looked at him and said in a flat voice: “You are late again, Jeff. What HAPPEN?” Jeff was not ready with an answer.

    Ray Kurzweil

    Read the text and change the words given in capital letters to be correct lexically and grammatically. 



    Ray Kurzweil is a very popular figure in the field of science. He is a leading computer SCIENCE who has made lots of predictions about the future of humanity. So far he has written six books about artificial intelligence, and four of them have become  NATION best sellers in the USA. Ray strongly believes that soon computer intelligence will be a billion times more  POWER than the human brain. However, lots of experts don’t believe it and say that it is absolutely  POSSIBLE. Kurzweil disagrees with them and says that we are already a human-machine civilization. We already use high level technology to diagnose diseases, provide  EDUCATE, and develop new technologies. Kurzweil thinks that by 2030, computers will do more 

     EXCITE tasks. They will be able to understand ordinary spoken language and show emotions.

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