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    Итоговая работа для 7 класса
    тест по английскому языку (7 класс)

    Фазлахметова Елена Дмитриевна

    Итоговая работа для 7 класса по УМК Rainbow содержит задания по чтению (работа с текстом), на знание лексики по теме "Экология", по грамматике: словообразование, времена английского глагола. Есть критерии оценивания.


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    Итоговая работа в 7 классе

    Reading. Прочитай текст и отметь. Какие утверждения после него соответствуют содержанию (T), какие – нет (F), а о чем в тексте не упоминается (NS).

    Botany is the study of plant life. In early times people studied plants because they were important as food. Then primitive medicine men became interested in botany. They had to know the plants that could kill people or help them. And that was the situation with botany and medicine for hundreds of years.

    In the sixteenth century people began to write book about plants. Those writers were the “fathers” of modern botany. In the nineteenth century, the English scientist Charles Darwin studied plant and animal forms and his work helped botanists to get a better understanding of how plants as well as animals developed.

    1. People have been studying plant life since long ago. ____
    2. The word “botany” comes from a Greek word.  _____
    3. Botany has always been a part of medicine. ______                      
    4. People wrote book about plants in ancient times. _____
    5. Charles Darwin was interested in plant and animal species. _____

    Vocabulary. Прочитай дефиниции (1-7) и напиши слова, которые они определяют.

    1. Useless material that people throw away is __________________________
    2. A picture in a book is an ____________________________.
    3. Surroundings in which a person or an animal lives is their ________________
    4. A large Australian bird whose cry sounds like laughter is a _______________
    5. The gases we breath is ______________________
    6. The American word for “autumn” is _____________________
    7. Any small animal with six legs whose body has sections is an_____________

    Выбери и обведи соответствующие варианты в скобках.

    1. Jane is ill and has to (make/stay) off fat food.
    2. Never (give/stay) up hope.
    3. Please never play with these kids, (give/stay) away from them.
    4. I would like to (talk/make) my friend out of this dangerous climb.
    5. Nobody could (take/hand) in what he wanted to say.
    6. The plane will (make/take) off in a quarter of an hour.
    7. Why should you (give/make) up so heavily? You look much younger if you don’t.

    Выбери и обведи соответствующий вариант в скобках.

    1. John, have you done everything (yourself/yourselves)?
    2. Poor Nick got very ill and had to go to (--/the) hospital.
    3. The apple pie tasted really (good/well).
    4. There were two boys on the football field. One was Tom, (another/the other) was my classmate Richard.
    5. The pain was so strong, I could (hard/hardly) breathe.
    6. How much should my luggage (weigh/weight)?
    7. There were (a few/a little) magpies and some crows in the tree.

    Grammar.  Используй суффиксы –able, -an, -er, -ing, -tion, -ly, -y, -th, чтобы образовать новые слова. Впиши их в предложения.

    1. The best football _________________s get a lot of money.                       PLAY
    2. Many _______________s decorate their homes on special days.    AMERICA
    3. How big is your __________________ of mugs?                        COLLECT
    4. Jane gas been keeping to a ______________diet since March.         HEALTH
    5. Some days ago Jill had a _________________ with the manager.          MEET
    6. What a ________________ little kitten!                                  LOVE
    7. What is the _________________ of the Mississippi River?                  LONG

    Заполни пропуски глаголами в соответствующей форме.

    1. Andy and I (know) _____________________ each other since we (meet) _______________ in a summer camp four years ago.
    2. The children (watch) ____________________________ television for two hours. I (think) _________________________it’s more than enough.
    3. How long (you, learn) __________________________ to play the piano? When (you, begin) _________________________?
    4. Peter (phone) ________________________just now. He says he (buy) ___________________ food at 5 o’clock yesterday.
    5. I see that your hair is wet. (you, swim) _______________________? (You, enjoy) ________________________it?

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