план урока по теме "Take Care of Others, Take care of Yourself, Take care of Nature"
методическая разработка по теме

Верешкина Татьяна Георгиевна

Урок проходит в форме экскурсии в сафари парк. учащиеся получают билеты при в ходе в класс и отправляются на увлекательную экскурсию, в ходе которой знакомятся с животными разных континентов, играют и поют, используя интерактивные программы. Класс наполнет игрушками и выглядит как настоящий зоопарк. 


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Предварительный просмотр:

Seminar: “ Take Care of  Others, Take Care of Yourself, Take Care of Nature”


Date: December 3

Class: 4th

Topic: “Safari Park”

Teacher: Tatiana Vereshkina


Saint  -Petersburg



Students’ Activities

Technical   and Visual Aids


Greetings and topic introduction

Dear children and dear guests, welcome to our Safari Park. I am your guide. Have all of you got the tickets? Climb aboard! We are about to go on a safari trip. Don’t bring your guns. We will only be shooting with our cameras.

Show their tickets.  

Topic on the blackboard.

Pictures of  palm trees and toy animals, tickets.


Singing a song “We are going to the zoo”Excellent 3”, p. 40

Sing a song



Checking of the home task.

The first stop is “Animals of Australia”

Where do wallabies live?

What do they eat?

Are their many different kinds of kangaroo?

What is strange about duck-billed platypus?

What are koalas good at?

Students answer the teachers questions

Textbook, p.42


Listen to the text about koalas. Then will answer my questions.

Where does koala live?

What does it eat and drink?

Read and listen to the text about koalas.  

Smart board

Computer program

“Animal Kingdom”


Read the text and complete the fact file together with your partner.






round, big eyes, black nose



Short strong arms and legs, sharp claws






Trees ( in Australia)



Eucalyptus leaves0

Read the text again and complete the fact file

Read the answers to the task.

Fact file task


Reading and listening to the text. Our next stop is “Amazing creature”. You will see chameleons, crocodiles and seahorses.

Read and listen to the text “Amazing Creatures”

Smart board

Computer program

“Animal Kingdom”


Answering the teacher’s questions.

Which of the three animals :

1.can change colour?

2. doesn’t clean its teeth?

3. doesn’t sleep during the day?

4. has a lot of babies?

5.likes dancing?

6. is good at running?

7.often eats its skin?

8. can’t move its tongue?

Answer the questions

Smart board

Computer program

“Animal Kingdom”


Tell your partner three facts which you remember from the text

Work in pairs

Sheets with the task:

Chameleons (never sleep during the day)

Crocodiles (can’t move their tongues)

Seahorses (can change colour to protect themselves from their enemies)


 Listen and correct the false statements.

In this part of our Safari Park I will tell you about Animals of India

Listen and correct the false statements.

Text on the board


Let’s check the task

Students give their answers

True and false statements


Karaoke time

I think you are a bit timed after a long walk. We’ve seen so many  animals.  Aren’t they amazing? Let’s sing about them

 Sing a song

Text on the screen


Mask show

Here you can be any animal you like. Take a mask and tell us about you.

Students tell about themselves as animals

Masks of wild animals


 Guided talk An Unusual Pet

Leaving our Safari Park you can choose an  unusual  pet. But take only one pet. If there are very many pets at home it is difficult to take care of them.

Talk about toy animals

Toys and an example of the story about a pet.


A Rap Song “This is an Animal House”

Sing a rap song

CD and a tape recorder


A small discussion about endangered spicies.

Do you know why tigers, elephants, giant pandas, gorillas, eagles, tigers can disappear?

When the animals lose the woods they have fewer places to live, they have nowhere to go. We must stop the loss of fields and forests.

Students give their ideas

People kill elephants for their tusks, rhinos for their horns, tigers for their beautiful skin.

And men destroy woods where the animals live.

We must protect the animals and save the woods. Zooz and safari park help to save the animals.

Picture of some endangered spicies


Work with interactive dictionary.

In the woodlands.

Here are the animals that live in Russia.

Students repeat word after the  announcer.

CD “Interactive Dictionary”


Introducing of new words and phonetics




Match the picture with the word


Read and fill in the gaps with the pictures or with the work

Fill in the gaps with the new words



Spell the new words


Teachers comments on students’ work at the lesson. Giving marks.


Home task

To learn the new words and a poem.

To write a project about an animal of Russia

Copies of the poem

Page of the workbook

With the new words.

Our tour is over. I hope you liked it. Here are some souvenirs for you.

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