"Учись с Гарри Поттером" -методическая разработка к уроку
методическая разработка по английскому языку (6 класс) по теме

Предлагаю конспект и материал к 2 урокам внеклассногог чтения по книге "Гарри Поттер и философский камень"

по книге Дж. К. Роллинг


Предварительный просмотр:

— CHAPTER THREE —   The Letters from No One

Task 1.Put the sentences into logical order:

 1. The house shivered and Harry heard someone knocking the door to come in.

 2.   The Dursleys had just finished breakfast when the owner of the hotel brought them

      a letter addressed to Harry.

 3.  Harry went to the front door and there were three things: a postcard, a bill and the

      letter  for him.

  1. At six o’clock  the next morning Harry wanted to meet the postman in the street and

get   the post

 5.  Uncle Vernon was in a good mood. He thought that nobody could deliver post to the


 6.  Mr. Dursley nailed all the windows and the cracks around the door.

 7.  In the evening Uncle Vernon visited Harry in his cupboard and offered him to move

      to  the second Dudley’s bedroom.

 8.  Harry couldn’t sleep at night. He was thinking about the letter-writer.


Task 2. Fill in the missing words:


When September came he would go to ……………

a/ a coat of arms


The envelope was thick and heavy and the…………….  was written in emerald-green ink.

b/ living-room   window


On the envelope there was a purple wax seal bearing …

………………….  .

c/ birthday


Harry wanted to meet...................        at the corner of Privet Drive

/ floor


On Saturday 24 letters to Harry came to the house through

the ………….  .

e/secondary school


On Monday Uncle Vernon took them to the ………… and

Pointed to the rock far away in the sea.

f/ someone


Harry lay sleepless and watched the moment of his……..

to come nearer

g/ a postman


Harry was left to find the sleeping place on the……   .

h/ seaside


The whole house shivered as there was …………..outside

Knocking to come in.

i/ address

Task 3. Are these sentences True or False?

1. Harry was not very glad thinking about the end of holidays.            T / F

2. On the coat of arms there were: a lion, a badger, a bear, a snake.     T / F

3. Mr. Dursley was afraid that some people were watching the house. T / F

4. On Friday the letters couldn’t get into the house because Uncle

     Vernon had nailed all windows and doors.                                        T / F

5. The family got to the hotel on the rock by the boat.                           T / F

6.  That midnight Harry was to become twelve years old.                      T / F

Task 4. Choose the correct answer


Harry was surprised to see the letter addressed to him because…

a/ it was written in green ink

b/ it was the first letter in his life

c/ he didn’t know who had

   written the letter


Uncle Vernon threw Dudley and Harry out of the room because………

a/ they were too noisy

b/ he wanted to punish them

c/ he wanted to discuss the  

   letter with Aunt Petunia.


Next morning at the breakfast everyone was quiet because …

a/ everyone had  something to

   think about

b/ everyone had a secret

c/ everyone was shocked


Mr. Dudley told the family to be ready to leave the house because…

a/ he didn’t want to see any


b/ he wanted to have a rest

c/ he was afraid of the letter-



Harry couldn’t sleep at night because ….

a/ he was cold and hungry

b/ he was waiting for his

    birthday to come soon

c/ he heard some strange noise

    from the outside

Task 5. Agree or disagree to the statements. You can use one of the variants to prove your opinion:

  1.   The reason for Harry to spend much of his time outside the house during his holidays was rather serious.


           a/ The gang enjoyed hunting the boy and he wanted to escape them.

           b/ The boy liked to walk out of the town for a long time.

           c/ He wanted to think about his future life at the school with Dudley.

  1. Uncle Vernon acted like a careful parent when didn’t give Harry to read the letters addressed to him.

   a/ He tried to keep the boy from unusual and mysterious things which were

       connected with those letters. He was afraid for his nephew.

   b/ The Dursleys hated unusual situations and mysterious events. They were

        afraid of wizards and didn’t want the wizard in the family.

   c/ The letters meant that some wizards wanted Harry to arrive to their world.

                  that was not  safe for the boy.

  1. Mr. Dursley did what he could to save his family from the dangerous things. But his “enemies” were much stronger.


            a/ Mr. Dursley chose the  way out of the situation but it failed.

            b/  Mr. Dursley chose the wrong way to escape from the letters. It didn’t help.

            c/  Mr. Dursley  was not clever and he found the only possible way to save the

                 family – to run away.

  1. Even at the time, dangerous for all of them, Aunt Petunia tried to make her son feel comfortable. She was sure that Harry didn’t need her help or care.

              a/  She was a kind and devoted woman. She took care about those who really

                  needed her help.

              b/ Her only aim in life was to please her son and she didn’t think about others.

              c/ She didn’t care about Harry. She left him in the family only because of fear.

        5. Harry felt that something unusual was happening around him.

              a/ The letters that came to the house promised something unusual and

                 important  for him.

              b/ In his dreams he often had strange visions and he was ready to know

                  some unusual and mysterious  things.

              c/ It was interesting for him to see his relatives nervous and in panic. It was

                  unusual and strange.

Home task for Chapter 3

Imagine you are the wizard from the Post department . Your task is to inform students about the next school year. Write the Report to the Ministry of Magic and Wizardry

 Follow the instructions of writing the official letters.

 Include the  information:

  1.  When did you send the letters to Harry Potter?
  2. How many letters have you send?
  3. What events followed after the arrival of the letters?

Don’t forget to make the spell. The Muggles mustn’t know about our World.

Send your report with the Owl.

 Add the photo or the picture of the place where Mr. Dursley wanted to hide from the letters

Grammar practice:

I.Fill in the gaps using the right prepositions:  out of, on, under, on, for, to, on, into,  at, around,  up.

Uncle Vernon didn't go……  (1) work that day. He stayed …… ( 2) home and nailed ……. (3) the letter-box.

……. (4) Friday twelve letters arrived …….(5) Harry. They got …….(6) the door and through the small window in the downstairs toilet.

Uncle Vernon stayed …….(7) home again. He got out a hammer and nailed the cracks …….(8) the front and back doors.

……. (9) Saturday twenty-four letters to Harry came …….(10) the house through the living-room window.

…….(11) Sunday morning  thirty or forty letters came …….(12) the fireplace  but when Harry jumped  into the air trying to catch one -Uncle Vernon seized Harry and threw him into the hall.

II.  Complete the sentences with the correct  forms of the verbs

 ( Past Indefinite, Participles)

        The envelope …....   ( to be) thick and heavy, and the address ……………. .... ( to be written) in       emerald-green ink. There …….. ( to  be) no stamp.  ……………. ( to turn) the envelope over,   Harry  ………. ( to see)   a purple wax seal ………….. ( to surround) a coat of arms; a lion,   an eagle, a badger and a snake ………….. ( to bear) a large letter 'H'.

        'Hurry up, boy!'  ………….. ( to shout) Uncle  Vernon from the kitchen. Harry ………… ( to go)  back to the kitchen, ……….. ( to hand) Uncle Vernon the bill and the postcard,  ……. ( to sit)  down and slowly  ……….   ( to begin) to open the yellow envelope.  

         'Dad!'  …….. ( to say) Dudley suddenly. 'Dad, Harry …    …    ( to get) something!      

         The  envelope…  ……….  (to be taken) out of his hand by Uncle Vernon.

        'That's mine,-  …….. ( to say)  Harry ………….    ( to try) to get it back. Uncle Vernon ……………    ( to look) at the letter. His face ……….( to turn) red. Dudley…… ( to try)  to grab the letter to    read it, but Uncle Vernon ….. (to hold)  it high out of his reach. Aunt Petunia ……… ( to take) it   curiously and  ……….. ( to read) the first line. They  ……… ( to stare)  at each other.

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