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    Методическая разработка урока английского языка по теме: "Покупки" (6 класс).
    план-конспект урока по английскому языку (6 класс) по теме

    Материал может быть использован для подготовки к уроку английского языка по теме "Покупки" . УМК под редакцией Кузовлева В.П.


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    Предварительный просмотр:

    Конспект урока английского языка по тема: «Покупки».(6 класс)

                                           Учитель английского языка Русанова Ольга Леонидовна.

                                МБОУ-СОШ № 10 Краснодарский край г.Армавир

         Цель урока: формирование и совершенствование навыка диалогической речи по теме «Покупки».

         Задачи урока:


    формирование умения вести диалог по теме;

    развитие аудио - фонемических навыков учащихся;

    развитие умений учащихся оперировать известными понятиями,

     составлять высказывания с помощью опор;

    контроль усвоения изученной темы.


    формирование способности и готовности вступать в иноязычное общение;

    развитие различных видов памяти (вербальной, образной), внимания, коммуникативности, воображения;

    развитие мыслительной деятельности, умения переноса знаний в новую ситуацию;

    развитие языковой догадки.


    показать значимость умения решать коммуникативные задачи через диалог;

    расширение кругозора, творческих способностей учащихся;

    воспитание коммуникативной компетентности учащихся.


    I. Оргмомент.

    – Good morning , dear friends. I am glad to see you. Let me begin our lesson with some riddles. If you guess them , you will know what we are going to speak about . Listen to me and think. .

    II. Определение темы урока учащимися по проблемному заданию, ознакомление учащихся с целями и задачами урока.

    Usually two or more people take part in this process.

    We do it in a special place.

    We do it very often.

    Usually women like to do it, men don’t like.

    We can’t do it without money.

    T: What is it?

    P: Shopping

    T: Yes, We are going tо speak about shopping. We`ll try to make up and act dialogues, to learn new words, tо see a video film, tо write a test .We have a lot of work. Let’s start.

     III. Фонетическая зарядка.


    [ t ] – tomato, meat, bottle, tin, a toyshop, trainers, trousers, sweater, certainly, little, a little;

    [ d ] – doll, doll’s house, teddy bear, dress, a dairy;

    [ b ] – bread, butter, a baker’s, a butcher’s, buy, ball, boots;

    [ t∫ ] – change, chocolate, cheese, cheap;

    [ ∫ ] – shoes, sure, a shoe shop, shirt, T-shirt, a fishmonger’s;

    [ ð ] – this, that, these, a clothes shop;

    [ r ] – orange, carrot, try, right, a grocer’s, a greengrocer’s.


    1. Лексическая зарядка.

    Which of these words are the names of the shops?

    P1 will you help me. I ask you to be a teacher. Go to the blackboard and ask pupils where they buy different food and things?

    P2 can you help me now? Please go to the blackboard and ask pupils what they can buy at the different shops?

    There are some English proverbs. Can you find the right English equivalent?

    1. The buyer needs hundred eyes, the seller but one.
    2. A fool and his money are soon parted.
    3. Look after the pennies and the pound will look after themselves.
    4. Lend your money and lose your friend.
    5. Buy a pig in a poke.
    6. Sell what you have and buy what is really good.
    7. A man with a sour face should not open the shop.


    1. Активизация ранее изученной лексики по теме «Покупки».

    Look! Shop windows are so bright!

    They are coloured, they are light.

    Window-shopping says, “Oh, hi!

    Would you like to come in and buy?”

    You know we buy different things in different shops. Will you remind me where you can buy sweets (milk, fish, bread, meat, sugar …)

    WE BUY…. AT THE….








         Now let’s repeat all these names once again(ученики еще раз повторяют названия магазинов для закрепления навыков произношения). And now I will check how well you’ve remembered the names. Listen to the song and try to remember all the shops in it.

    Звучит песня “Hippoty Hop”

     Hippoty hop to the corner’s shop

    To buy some sweets for Sunday

     Some for you,

     Some for me,

     Some for sister Sandy.

    Hippoty hop to the baker’s shop

    To buy some bread for Monday

     Some for you,

     Some for me,

     Some for sister Sandy.

    Hippoty hop to the buther’s shop

    To buy some meat for Tuesday

     Some for you,

     Some for me,

     Some for sister Sandy.

    Hippoty hop to the green grocery’s shop

    To buy some apples for Saturday

     Some for you,

     Some for me,

     Some for sister Sandy.

    Do you like the song? Who is the main character? What shop does he go first? (учащиеся перечисляют магазины по порядку, я ставлю номера возле каждой таблички на доске).

    Funny riddles:

    It is tasty, it is white and brown.

    It can be square, oval and round. (Bread.)

    They are coloured and sweet like honey.

     I like to buy them. (Sweets)

    It is tasty, cold and white.

    We can Lick it like an ice. (Ice-cream.)

    It’s nice. I eat a piece or three.

    And we like with it

    Drinking tea. (A cake.)

    The language of shopping:

    Я могу вам помочь?

    Это или то?  

    Что-нибудь еще?  

    Мне бы хотелось….  

    Я возьму вот это…

    Вот пожалуйста..                                        Сколько это стоит?


    Here you are.

    I’ll take this one, please.

    Can I help you?

    I’d like…

    Can I have…

    This one or that one?

    Anything else?

    How much is it?

    1. Say in English.

    - В чем дело? Похоже на то, что вы куда-то собираетесь.

    What’s up? It looks as if you…

    - Да, мы идем в универмаг.

    We are going to…

    - Зачем?

    What for?

    - Покупать мне новые перчатки.


    - Что со старыми?

    What’s wrong with…?

    - Я их испортил, когда играл в хоккей, и теперь они никуда не годятся.

    Spoiled them while

    Are no good

    - Какого цвета перчатки ты хочешь купить?

    What colour gloves…?

    - Я бы хотел коричневые, но не знаю, есть ли они в продаже.

    I would like…

    On sale

    - Лучше возьми черные. И смотри, чтобы перчатки были твоего размера.

    Better take…

    And see that … are your size

    2. Tell the story.

    Look at the picture and answer the questions:

    1. What did the man want to buy?
    2. Why do you think he needed a new pair of shoes?
    3. Did he go to a stationery shop or to a department store?
    4. What department did he go to?
    5. What did the shop assistant ask the man when he entered the shoe department?
    6. What did the man say in reply?
    7. What did the man do with the shoe the shop assistant had given him?
    8. What happened to the man at the corner of the street?
    9. Did the two men drop their boxes?
    10. What did the man find in the box when he came home?
    11. Why did the man bring home the wrong box?

        Give the names to the men and then tell the story in English. The following words and frases will help you:

    to go shopping; to buy a new pair of shoes; department store; shop assistant; to collide with smb; at the corner; to drop one’s boxes; doll; to bring home the wrong box; to mix up the boxes.


        You have got shits of paper on the desks. It is the same dialogue but some words are missing there. You have to insert the missing words.


    1. Hello, I’d like to buy….
    2. OK.
    3. How much does it cost?

    1. - Can I have…?
    1. Yes, of course.
    2. How much is that?
    1. I’d like to buy….
    2. Here you are. What else?
    3. ….How much will that cost?
    4. ….
    5. Thank you.


         Thank you very much. And what about you? Do you often go to the shop? What shops do you visit more often? As for me, I go to the green grocery’s more often . And you?(опрашиваю несколько учеников). And what do we usually say in the shop when we want to buy something?

    VI. Заключительный этап. Подведение итогов.

    Great! Thank you for your work, you were very active, it was such a pleasure to work with you. Especially I like the way… work today. You get “5s”. The rest have “4s”.Your home task will be to put all new words in your vocabularies and to create your own dialogues.Thank you once again. Have a nice day. Goodbye.

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