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    Урок - праздник "Времена года. Погода"
    план-конспект урока по английскому языку по теме

    Головко Ольга Сергеевна

    Урок- праздник "Времена года. Погода". Является итоговым уроком по теме "Времена года". Данный урок подходит к любому УМК. Если вы работаете по УМК "Enjoy English" Биболетовой М.З., то он проводится , как итоговый урок по теме "Speaking about seasons and the weather" в 4 классе. Урок включает в себя множество стихов, загадок, песен, конкурсов. Дети с удовольствием примут активное участие в подготовке и проведении данного урока.


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    Предварительный просмотр:

    Урок-праздник по теме: «Времена года. Погода»

    Цели: а) образовательная: расширение лексического запаса; формирование навыков   монологической речи;

                 б) развивающая : развитие внимания, памяти,  творческих возможностей; эмоциональных чувств ;

                 в) воспитательная: воспитание наблюдательности, чувства любви к природе посредством поэзии, музыки

    Оборудование: рисунки, плакаты, костюмы, магнитофон.

    Ход урока.

    I.Организационный момент

    T: Good morning, children. Glad to see you .We have an unusual lesson today.

    Dear guests we are glad to welcome you to our English lesson .Today we are going to speak about the weather seasons of a year and about the weather in spring .I wish you to work well.

    II. Фонетическая зарядка

    T: Children! I hope you are ready for our English lesson . And now it’s time to practice the English sounds. Say after me some of them:

    [w], [t], [d], [р]

    T: Repeat, please.

    Whether the weather be fine,

    Or whether the weather be not,

    Whether the weather be cold,

    Or whether the weather be hot,

    We’ll weather the weather whatever the weather,

    Whether the like it or not

    III. Речевая зарядка.

    Now, children I want you to answer some questions.

    • What season o sot on?
    • What are spring months?
    • Do you like spring?
    • What is the weather like today?

    IV. Развитие у учащихся эмоциональных чувств и памяти.

    Well, I think you know a lot of poems about the seasons and the weather. Let’s listen to them.

    P: I’m spring. People call me the season of hope. When I come, flowers begin to grow, green leaves appear on the trees. Birds come from the South and begin to build the nests and twitter in the trees. The sun shines brightly.

    P: This is the season

         When snowdrops bloom

         When nobody likes

         To stay in the room.

         This is the season

        When birds make their nests

        This is the season

        We all like best

    P: My name is snowdrop

         I am a nice little flower in a white dress

         I am the first flower in spring.

         People can see me on the places

         Where the snow becomes water in the sun.

    P: My name is Violet. I am a spring flower too

         My dress is violet. I am very nice as you see.

         I come after the snowdrop when there is no snow in the fields,

         The days are longer and it is warmer.

    P: Buttercups, buttercups, oh, the nicest flowers!

         Coming in the springtime

         To tell of sunny hours.

         When the trees are leafless

         When the fields are bare,

         Buttercups, buttercups

         Spring up here and there

    P: All the singing the song “It’s Spring Time!

         It’s Spring Time! It’s Spring Time! ”

         Cold winter is past

         Warm breezes are blowing

         And May is here at last.

         The birds are returning,

         Their songs you can hear,

         And meadows are smiling

         With spring flowers here.

    P: Rain, rain, rain,

        April rain.

        You are feeding

        Seeds and grain.

        You are rising

        Plants and crops.

        With your gaily

        Sparkling drops.

    T: Do you want to sing a song “Weather song?”

    V. Расширение лексического запаса. Совершенствование лексических навыков.

    T: Let’s play a game “What are the words” and remember the names of the seasons.

    1. Snowflakes fall in …

    2. Flowers grow in …

    3. Leaves turn brown in …

    4. New leaves grow on trees in …

    5. Trees are green in …

    6. Leaves fall in …

    7. Flowers don’t grow in …

    VI. Развитие грамматических навыков.

    T: Let’s choose the correct item:

    My mother – now                            a) watches TV          b) is watching TV        c) will watch TV

    They – come tomorrow                   a) will come              b) came                        c) comes

    What – you – yesterday                   a) are – doing            b) did – do                   c) do - do

    We- to school everyday                   a) go                          b) went                        c) will go

    The weather – warm tomorrow       a) is                            b) will be                     c) was

    T: And make up the sentences negative.

    1) Spring comes after winter

    2) It is raining now

    3) It was could last week

    4) The tree will become green in spring.

    T: Ask questions.

    1. Soon birds will make their nests      (When)

    2. She likes to play outdoor                  (Does)

    3. They went for a walk                        (Did … or …)

    4. It is raining now                                 (Is …)

    VII. Физминутка

    “Dance with me”

    1. Come my friend and dance with me,

                It is easy, you will see,

                One step back, one step out

                Then you twirl yourself around.

    1. It is fun to dance with you

                And it isn’t hard to do

                One step back, one step out

                Then you twirl yourself around.

    1. Now, we’ll do the dance once more,

                Stepping lightly round the flour

                One step back, one step out

                Then you twirl yourself around.

    VIII. Решение кроссворда


    T: Let’s do a puzzle about the months of the year

    1. It is the third autumn month.
    2. People celebrate St.Valentine’s Day in this month.
    3. It is the third summer month.
    4. People celebrate Halloween in this month.
    5. People celebrate Children’s Day in Russia in this month.
    6. It is the second spring month.
    7. People celebrate International Women’s Day in this month.
    8. It is the first winter month.
    9. Pupils go to school after summer holidays in this month.


    IX. Развитие у учащихся творческих способностей и умений.

    Spring is dancing without rest

    In a beautiful green dress,

    Flowers grow under her feet,

    Singing birds her coming greet.        

    “In the merry month of May”.


     In the merry month of May

     All the little birds are gay                                      

    They are hop and sing and say,

    “Winter days are far away,

    Welcome, welcome, merry May! “


    In the merry month of May

    All the violets are gay

    They all dance and sing and say,

    “Winter days are far away,

    Welcome, welcome, merry may! ”



    In the merry month of May

    All the children are so gay

    They all play and sing and say,

    “Winter days are far away,

    Welcome, welcome, merry may! ”

    T: My dear friends! I want to offer you one more task. Join the pals to make 10 words about the names of the months.

    Calen     Tumn     Sun     Ly

    Sea     Ter     Au     Ber

    Win     Dar     Ap     Day

    Sun     Son     Octo     Gust

    Au     Mer     Ju     Ril

    T:  And some riddles. Try to guess them, please.

    1.  A little old woman with 12 children: some hot, some short, some long, shat is it?  

                                                                                                                           (A year)                                                                  

    1. What is without hands and without feet, without head or body but can open the door?                


    3. What goes up when the rains comes down                                                      (An umbrella)


    X. Итог урока.

    Т:  That’s all for today . But at the end of the lesson I want you to listen to wonderful music by

    P. Rakhmaninov.

    Listen and enjoy yourself. The first appearance of daylight in the morning. Everything is coming out to meet the Sun’s light.

    The meadows, forests, rivers and lakes are feeling happy at this moment showing their fresh vital beauty.

    Flowers, birds, animals and people - all of them are filling themselves with the great power of the sun expressing it in their own language.

    The flowers are showing their colours: yellow, red, orange, violet, rose, white, pink.

    Everything is thankful to the sun.

    Все хочет петь и славить бога:

    Заря, и ландыш, и ковыль,

    И лес. И поле, и дорога

    И ветром зыблемая пыль.

    «Весенние воды» - одно из самых радостных сочинений Рахманинова. Музыка показывает природу буйную, словно восторженный гимн приближающейся весне, гимн радости, обновленной жизни. В этой музыке мы слышим, как маленькие весенние ручейки, стекаясь вместе, превращаются в бурную реку, ломающую остатки льда и стремительно несущуюся вперед. « Весна идет! »

    XII. Подведение итога. Домашнее задание. Рассказать о любимом времени года


    «Времена года. Погода»

    Учитель Чакалова Г.И.

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