План урока по теме "Global Warming"
методическая разработка (10 класс) по теме

Верешкина Татьяна Георгиевна

Урок посвящен одной из самых обсуждаемых и вызывающих живой отклик учащихся тем. В ходе урока учащиеся учатся находить и анализировать информацию, найденную в Интернет, вести дискуссию и делать выводы. Учащиеся представляют свой опыт участия во Всемирной Конвенции Молодежи в ОАЭ.


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Предварительный просмотр:


10th GRADE



                               Lesson Outline                                   

Goals of the lesson in the field of:

  1. Information technologies - to teach the students find, sort out and analyze  Internet information;
  2. English language – extensive reading, listening, practicing in discussing things, making conclusion;
  3. Environmental studies – using using specific vocabulary and scientific terms ;

Social skills – be environmentally friendly and active: “Think about yourself - Think about others – Think about nature”.                                       



Video film

The teacher gives the task to surf the Internet and find information, to answer the questions, to fill in the grid.

You will have to discuss the topic at the press conference before you go to the Global Environmental Youth Convention.

                                                               Step 1 

                                                          Work in pairs.

Pair #1 

 Go to: www.bbc.co.uk/weather/features/global_ warming2.shtml 

“Global warming - What Can We Do?”

 Pair #2 

Go to: www.ucsusa.org/global_warming/science

  Try to answer the questions:

1. What does the greenhouse effect have to do with global warming?

2. What is causing global warming?

3. What is the best source of scientific information on global warming?

4. Is global warming already happening?

5. How much warmer is the Earth likely to become?

6.  Are humans contributing to global warming?

7. Is global warming connected to the ozone layer?

8. Is there anything we can do about global warming?

9. Would temperature rise of a couple degrees really change the global climate?

10. Will responding to global warming be harmful to our economy?

Pair #3 

Go to: www.epa.gov/climatechange/effects 

Fill in the grid

Pair #4 

Go to: www.bbc.co.uk, press “ News”, then “Science” and after that search for 6099272.stm

“Climate Costs” and find out the effect of global warming on economy. 


Pair #5 

Go to: www.bbc.co.uk, press “News”, then “Business” and search for “The Stern Review” (the Economics of Climate Change)

Give a short summery of environmental and economic impact of climate change. 

Pair #6

Powerpoint presentation on Dubai

                                               Global Warming

    Words to use:

1. greenhouse effect

2. carbon dioxide

3. carbon emissions

4. push up the global temperatures by…%

5. to curb the growth of greenhouse gases

6. humans are blamed for climate change

7. global warming is likely to influence the intensity of tropical storms

8. if no action is taken on emission…

9. environmental impact

10. melting glaciers

11. to increase flood risks

12. crop yields will decline

13. rising sea levels could displace millions of people

14. species could face extinction

15. extreme weather patterns

16. to reduce global economic output by….%

17. global consumption per head would fall

18. renewable  energy sources

19. alternative to fossil fuel

20. solar, wind, hydroelectric, tidal and  wave power


  1. Sea level rise
  2. More extreme weather (floods, droughts, heat waves)
  3. Increased diseases




Strategic Economic Resources




  1. Use alternative energy sources
  2. Plant trees
  3. Drive less
  4. Cut back on consumption

                                                Summing up

  1. Hometask: go to http://www.earthday.net/Footprint/quiz.asp 
  2. and do Ecological Footprint Quiz