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    Сценарий внеклассного мероприятия по английскому языку "Merry Christmas"
    методическая разработка (5, 6 класс) на тему

    Валерия Юрьевна Фефелова

    Внеклассное мероприятие для учащихся 5-6 классов.


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                        Сценарий внеклассного мероприятия по английскому языку

                                      “Merry Christmas”

    Оформление: на итерактивной доске – первый слайд( надпись “Merry Christmas”. Изображение ёлки на Трафальгарской площади, флаг Великобритании). На классной доске: две нарисованные ёлочки для конкурса, рождественский чулок, праздничные открытки, изготовленные учащимися. На столе учителя ёлочка, украшенная мишурой. На экране начинается рождественский клип ( песня Джона Леннона)

    Дети заранее готовятся к празднику: изготавливают праздничные открытки для конкурса на лучшую открытку, учат стихи, сочиняют пантомиму, разучивают песню “Jingle Bells”, знакомятся с лексикой по теме “Christmas”, изготавливают игрушки для ёлки

    Ведущие – учащиеся 9 класса, участники – учащиеся 7 класса

    1-ый ведущий
    Christmas is the most popular public holiday of the year. It is celebrated on the 25th of December by Christians all over the world. The word “Christmas” is derived from the words “Christ’s Mass” – the celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ.

    Christmas in Britain is a holiday with Christmas tree, Christmas carols, wonderful candles, Christmas pudding, Christmas turkey, pantomimes and a big Christmas tree on Trafalgar Square which is usually brought from Norway as a present for English children.

    Christmas is a very merry and colourful holiday favoured by everybody.

    1-ый конкурс- рассказ рождественского стихотворения

                       The snowflake

    Before I melt come, look at me! This lovely icy filigree!

    Of a great forest in one night I make a wilderness of white:

    By skyey cold of crystals made all softy, on your finger laid,

    I pause, that you my beauty see breathe, and I vanish instantly.

                        Advice to a Child

    Set your fur tree in a pot

    Needles green is all it’s got

    Shut the door and go away,

    And so to sleep till Christmas Day.

    In the morning seek your tree

     And you shall see what you shall see.

    2-ой конкурс- конкурс на самую красивую снежинку. Дети вырезают снежинки и размещают их на доске. Жюри выбирает самую красивую снежинку.

    2-ой ведущий.

                      The Christmas tree

    Every Christmas in millions of homes all over the world a Christmas tree forms the centerpiece of the decorations. Christmas fur is a holly symbol. It is the sign of everlasting life because its leaves are always green. It was Queen’s Victoria consort Prince Albert, who introduced the Christmas tree to Britain. The Christmas tree is decorated with tinsel, fairy lights, candles toys little sacks of nuts, candies, special biscuits. It is not necessary to put a tree, it is rather nice to hang a branch of fir with silver bells, tinsel and sparkling lights on the wall.

    3-ий конкурс- кто быстрее нарядит ёлку.

    3-ий ведущий

                                              Christmas cards

    Christmas is the most public holiday of the year. It is not only a time for giving presents, but for sending greeting cards.

    Sending card on Christmas is a comparatively modern custom. It began about the middle of the 19th century. Henry Cole was a well-known museum director. Every year he sent short notes to his friends at Christmas, wishing them a happy holiday. But in 1843 he had no time for letter-writing, so he asked an artist, John C. Horsley, to design a card with a printed massage “a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you”. Thus a Christmas card was invented. Cole decided to sell his card in a shop, and at least one thousand copies were placed on sale. By 1860 the custom of sending cards was launched. Nowadays, it is impossible to imagine Christmas without a Christmas card. A typical Christmas card has a sentimental picture of snowy country scene, birds.

    4-ый конкурс- конкурс рождественских открыток

    4-ый ведущий


    There is something else which no English party could possibly do without Christmas crackers. Crackers originated in France in the 19th century, but in those days they were just a way of wrapping sweets. You took a sheet of coloured paper, rolled up the sweet in it and gave it a twist near each end so they could not fall out. The result was a paper cylinder with two constricted necks.

    Nowadays crackers do not have sweets in them. They tiny crackers which are mainly used to hang on a Christmas tree usually contain a plastic charm or similar inexpensive item.

    5-ый конкурс – Найти в таблице название подарков в трёх колонках: computer, phone, bicycle, doll, sweets, books, skates, football


                                  Christmas Stockings

    Christmas Day, the 25th of December, is probably the most exciting day of the year for most of the English children. Traditionally, English children hang a stocking at the end of the bed on Christmas Eve. In the morning they check whether the stocking has been filled with small toys, fruit, nuts and sweets. Larger toys are in the boxes nearby. Why do English children get presents in stockings? Well, there is a charmimg legend that may give the answer.

    Once upon a time there lived three girls. They were orphans. They were modest, beautiful and nobody wanted to marry them.

    On the eve of Christmas they returned home very tired, cold and wet to the bones. They sat near the fire to have a talk about their unhappy life. St. Nicholas heard their talk and decided to help them. That night the saint made his way to their home and threw three pieces of gold down the smoke hole of their cottage- there were no proper chimney in those days. The three girls had hung their stockings up to dry over the fire, so the pieces of gold fell into the stockings. That’s why children hang up their stockings on Christmas Eve.

    Large presents cannot be put into stockings and nowadays stockings are filled with oranges, sweets, nuts

    6- ой ведущий


    Pantomime is a traditional entertainment at Christmas. It is for children, but adults enjoy it just as much.

    In every pantomime there are always three main characters. These are the principle boy, the principle girl, and the dame. The principle boy is the hero and is always played by a girl. The principle girl is a heroine who usually marries the principle boy in the end. The dame is a comic figure, usually the mother of the principle boy or a girl and is always played by a man.

    6-ой конкурс – пантомима

    Подводятся итоги всех конкурсов. Детям вручаются небольшие подарки.

    Все пою песню “Jingle Bells”. Всем раздаются конфеты из Рождественского чулка.

    По теме: методические разработки, презентации и конспекты

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