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    Внеклассное мероприятие «Welcome to Happy Easter», посвященное великому празднику –Пасхе, Светлому Христову Воскресению.
    методическая разработка (английский язык) на тему

    Домрачева Елена Павловна

    Внеклассное мероприятие, посвященное традициям празднования Пасхи в Великобритании в сравнении с традициями родного языка.


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    Предварительный просмотр:

    Внеклассное мероприятие «WelcometoHappyEaster», посвященное                     великому празднику –Пасхе, Светлому Христову Воскресению.

    The sound of birds singing (звукипенияптиц).

    Teacher: Good afternoon, dear friends! We are glad to see you! Today our lesson is devoted to Easter- the most important Christian holiday in spring. Spring has come, it`s brought a lot of changes. Do you like spring season?

    Pupils:Yes, we adore and enjoy spring!

    Teacher: Now let`s listen to some pupils who will tell us several poems about spring. Please,(name the pupils) you are welcome!

    Pupil 1: Spring, spring, spring!

                  The trees are green,

                  Blue skies are seen,

                  All the birds sing!

    Pupil 2: Flowers are in the gardens,

                   Butterflies are there

                   Flying round the blossoms

                   Spring is everywhere!

    Pupil 3: Sing a song of May time

                  Sing a song of spring

                  Flowers are on their beauty

                  Birds are on the wing!

    Pupil 4: Spring is here, spring is here!

                   That`s what people say

                   The birds are flying north again

                    To wake us every day!

    Pupil 5: Spring is here, spring is here!

                   That`s what people say

                    We can run and jump again

                    We put our sleds away!

    Pupil 6:Flowers are up,

                  Mushrooms are up,

                  The sun dances,

                  The birds sing!

    Pupil 7: What a happy Easter day!

                   Let`s smile and play,

                   Eat and drink and have some fun

                   Under  yellow Easter sun!

    All pupils together: Welcome to merry Easter!

    Teacher:Nice poems! Thank you very much!Now let`s meet spring!

    Spring, you are welcome!(На сцене появляется Весна под звуки природы и с венком из весенних цветов на голове).

    Spring: Good morning! I am spring! Easter is my holiday. Easter is a symbol of new life and the end of winter.

                   I`ll make a pretty Easter hat,

                    To wear it at Easter time.

                   I`ll put some flowers on it,

                   And a bow will make it fine.

                   We`ll fasten on some ribbons

                    And pretty pink and blue.

                   Then we`ll take a picture

                    And I will give it to you!

    Teacher: Thank you our wonderful miss Spring! We love your warm weather, the shining sun, marvelous bird singing, and beautiful flowers. Most of all we enjoy celebrating the greatest Christian holiday -Easter Sunday, - The Resurrection of Jesus Christ. Children, can you name the main symbolsand traditions of Easter?

    Pupils name Easter symbols and traditions in Russia. Spring adds information about celebrating Easter in Russia and invites everyone to dance in a ring. ( Приложение1).

    Teacher:How well-informed you are! Now let us tell you about Easter symbols and traditions in Great Britain.(Выступленияучащихсясопровождаютсяпросмотромпрезентации «Easter symbols and traditions in Great Britain»).Приложение 2.

    Spring: Let`s call Easter Bunnies!

    Pupil 7:  Easter bunny soft and white,

                   Hopping quickly out of sight.

                   Thank you for the eggs you bring

                   At Easter time to welcome spring.

                    Yellow eggs and blue, and red

                         In the grass and flower bed.

                     We will hunt them everywhere

    Please, Easter bunnies, come here!

    (2пасхальныхкроликавыбегаютподпесенку«HerecomesPeterCottontail! » , державрукахкорзинкисразноцветнымипасхальнымияйцами).

    Bunny 1: I go to visit children

                    At this time of the year

                    I see their smiling faces

                     Whenever I appear.

                    I leave them pretty baskets

                    Of every shape and size

                    With eggs of pretty colours

                    To add to their surprise!

    Bunny 2: Are you ready to find Easter eggs?

    They are hidden somewhere in our classroom!

                         One two, three! Let`s start!

    (Дети ищут спрятанные по классу разноцветные яйца).

    Bunny 1: Eggs are an important part of  Easter sport. The most popular game is « Egg Rolling».

    Bunny 2: We need two teams of  5 pupils. Please, you are welcome!

    Bunny 1:    Your task is to bring all the eggs to the finish without falling. For one you are to bring only one egg. Take a spoon!

    (Дети выходят, становятся в 2 ряда , перед ними 2 ложки и 2 тарелки с яйцами. По команде дети начинают соревноваться под веселую музыку).

    Teacher: Thank you! Another symbol of Easter in Great Britain is baking Hot Cross Buns! They are special Easter cakes with a cross on it. The Cross is a symbol of Christ`s victory over death.

    Bunny 2: Hot Cross Buns, hot cross buns.

                     One a penny, two a penny.

                      Hot Cross Buns.

                     Give them to your daughters

                     Give them to your sons

                     One a penny, two a penny.

                      Hot Cross Buns. (Shows the picture of Hot Cross Buns).

    Teacher : Thank you , dear Bunnies! Now I invite you to make colourful Easter postcards. It is one of  Easter traditions.

    Teacher : What nice cards you have made, children! You can congratulate your friends and relatives. Please, take your seats.

    In Russia we say «Христос Воскрес!»  and respond «Воистину Воскрес!». And in Britain they say « Christ is Risen!»  and respond

    « Indeed, He is Risen!». Let`s congratulate each other in Russian first, and then in English.

    Teacher: Excellent, dear friends! Let our pupils wish you Happy Easter. You are welcome! (Teacher names the pupils).

    Pupil 1: Time has come to celebrate!

                   Please, come over, don`t be late,

                   Easter is coming, on the way,

                   It will be a happy day!

    Pupil 2:  Chocolate eggs and tasty food ,

                   Friends from all the neighbourhood,

                   Have some real fun this time

                   Easter gives you its enzyme!

    Pupil 3:  This day will bring you happy mood

                   And dishes with delicious food.

                   And kids are laughing all day long-

                   They play and run, sing Easter song.

     Pupil 4: This leads your soul to magic place

                    And you find smile on your face,

                    The Lord `s just touched you, feel it now

                    And stay Him in your soul allow!

      Pupil 5: I wish you happiness and love,

                     To be forever young and healthy,

                     And other good important stuff,

                     I like being cheerful, fun and wealthy!

                     This Easter day is such a gift,

                      It brings a lot of inspiration,

                     So don`t you ever go adrift-

                     I wish you luck and motivation!

      Pupil 6:   I wish you happiness today,

                      Let good luck be on your way

                      Beauty, love and cheerful smile

                      Will be here for a while!        

      Teacher: This Easter is a magic day,

                       It helps you to believe today

                       That every single human, man

                       Just has to follow simple plan-

                       To help each other when we can,

                       The world will be amazing then!

    Let`s sing «Easter song» all together!

    Teacher, Spring, Easter Bunnies all together: Happy spring! Happy, happy everything! With best wishes to you for a wonderful Easter!

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