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    Интегрированные уроки
    методическая разработка по английскому языку по теме

    Одна из форм организации образовательного процесса, которая, оптимально подходит для применения активных методов, – интегрированный урок. Обращение к организации и проведению интегрированных уроков приобрело особую актуальность в связи со снижением интереса к обучению у многих учащихся. Следующая проблема - огромное количество информации, в которой учащиеся не всегда могут ориентироваться, извлекать необходимые данные, применять полученные знания на практике. Одним из путей решения данных вопросов может стать организация и проведение интегрированных уроков. Интегрированные уроки направлены не только на приобретение учащимися знаний, но на развитие познавательных интересов, творческой активности и самостоятельности учащихся, а также на формирование умений и навыков.


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    Всероссийский конкурс

    методических разработок и исследовательских

    работ по методике В.Ф.Шаталова

    Предметы гуманитарного цикла

    Интегрированный урок

    английский язык + музыка

    Тема: « Jeopardy Game »

                                            Автор: Падерина Марина Михайловна,

                                учитель английского языка

                                               высшей квалификационной категории

    муниципального автономного образовательного    учреждения  «Гимназия  №1»

            города Соликамска Пермского края



    Интегрированный урок  английский язык + музыка

    Тема: :“Jeopardy Game

    9 класс (II четверть)

    Это итоговый урок по теме, который можно провести в нетрадиционной форме.

    Цель данного урока: проверка знаний, умений и навыков учащихся по теме «Музыка».



    1. познакомить с новой формой игры;


    1. развивать логическое мышление и умение устанавливать причино-следственные связи ;


    1. формировать способность адекватно оценивать свои знания.

    Оборудование урока:  магнитофон, таблички с назвниями категорий  

    (Jeopardy Game, Score, Questionnaire, A Dark Horse, Music, Poems, Famous People), карточки-задания.

    Ход урока

    (звучит легкая музыка)

    1. Good morning. Today a lot of guests come to our class to watch how you can speak English. Please, show your knowledge and try to speak properly.

    Let’s beging our lesson.We shall speak about music and musicians today. And a wonderful way to spend time is to play. Would you like to play?

    I would like you to play a jeopardy game. Listen to the rules. I am a host. You are devided into 3 teams. The team chooses a category and a dollar amount (for example, „Music“ for $20). I read the task. The team has 1 minuite to think of the answer. If the answer is correct they „will get“ the amount of money. If the answer is not correct nobody gets the money. The team with the most sum of money at the end of the game will be the winner.

    Choose the category and the amount, please. You are welcome!


    $10. Theatre

    What kind of theatres do you know?

    What performances do theatres show?

    Where do spectators leave their coats and hats?

    What famous playwrights can you name?

    What is the plays where actors and actresses play?

    $20. Music

    Where can we hear music?

    What sort of music do you like?

    Do you prefer to listen to music alone or with your friends?

    What is music?

    Can you play any musical instrument?

    $30. Free time.

    Have you got much free time?

    What is your favourite free time activity?

    What do you usually do in rainy weather?

    When do you have free time?

    How do you spend your weekends?

    Famous People

    $10. Name 5 famous composers and countries where they lived and worked.

    $20. Franz Schubert is an Austrian writer of music best known for his songs and symphonies. Do you know another brilliant Austrian composer?

    $30. There are a lot of outstanding composers all over the world. What do you know about Benjamin Britten.


    (музыкальная пауза)

    $10. Music can leave us indifferent or it can provoke powerful and complex feelings. Is music a part of your life?

    $20. In Britain there are strong local traditions of music. What can you say about musical centres in Britain?

    $30. Music makes us think of people and places we love. It can evoke long forgotten events and feelings. What sort of music do you like?



    $10. Some people like to recite poems. I want you to recite the rhyme “Work”.

    $20. Would you like to recite us the rhyme “Ten little swallows”.

    $30. We have learnt a lot of rhymes at our lessons. Will you recite any poem you like, please?

    A Dark Horse

    $10. Listen to the text and say what it is about?

    $20. Different composers and musicians from different countries have conquered the hearts and feelings of people all over the  world. Try to guess who these famous people are?

    1. An American singer and guitar player who made rock’n’roll popular in the 50s. From1956-63 he was the most successful and influential person in popular music. He is often called the father of rock. People sometimes called him “the King of Rock”.
    2. A Russian composer one of the best known and most admired writers of music who wrote symphonies, ballets and operas. His music is rich and emotional. He was invited ti innouguration to the biggest concert hall in America – Carnegy Hall in 1891.
    3. An outstanding Russian violoncello player and conductor. In 1974 he was made to immigrate. He was reputed to be the leading violoncello player of the world and one of the most gifted conductor.

    $30. The world of music is rich and varied. Try to guess what style of music it is?

    1. Music that is popular in and originated from the southern and western United States. It has many sources: traditional ballads, cowboy songs, Mexican music and the like.
    2. An American style of music based on variation. Since its beginging in the black community of New Orleans, Louisiana, USA, around the turn of the century, it has continuously been involved into many different styles. The constant elements are improvisation and variation.
    3. You can hear this music everyday and everywhere. There are a lot of ensembles and musical groups who perform this kind of music. Let’s take, for example, the “Beatles” and their composers John Lennon and Paul McCartney. They composed such well-known songs as “Yesterday” and “Yellow Submarine” and others.
    4. This music is popular among young and old, both in town and in the country, and lives for centuries. Every nation in Russia has its own national music and dance ensembles and choirs. Russian singers and dancers often go to other countries and give their performances there. That’s why Russian music  and dance are well-known abroad.
    5. Some young people say it is difficult to understand this music. But try to listen to it. It is played by big orchestras. You can hear it at concert halls, on TV and radio programmes. If you listen to this music often enough and attentively, you will enjoy Mozart and Beethoven, Tchaikovsky and Shostakovich, and other composers.

    Our game has finished. And let’s count your “money”. What team is the winner today? I see that you tried all the best and now your marks for the lesson.

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